Friday, June 30, 2017

"Angel of the Morning" | Chrissie Hynde | For "Friends" Audience

My parents were huge fans of "Friends" but I never had any interest in the show.  I watched this clip because I wanted to hear Chrissie Hynde sing the song and didn't realize until I was well into it, oh, these people were on "Friends," weren't they.

All Chrissie Hynde ever wanted was a band and it took her quite a while plus some help before the "Pretenders" ever happened.  Along the way she got to thinking she was the most worthless loser who ever walked the Earth because she didn't have a band yet.

Here's a solo set since I was curious to hear her without the band and thought her version of the song was quite beautiful.

Oh, how hard she worked for it.  With current divas, they become big stars like instant winners of the lottery but the Rockhouse sees a huge difference since there's rarely much depth to them and working it on the road as did Chrissie Hynde seems, obviously, to instill deeper substance.

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