Sunday, June 25, 2017

CIA Director Mike Pompeo Proclaims Edward Snowden as Second Coming of Christ

CIA Director Mike Pompeo © Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Mike Pompeo brings the same thing to intelligence work as RuPaul brings to masculinity.

Note:  Yevette didn't know who either of them are and I told her, "Not to worry.  That shows your Twitter avoidance is clearing your head of wastrels of no import."

RT:  CIA director blames ‘Snowden worship phenomenon’ for rise in leaks of US secrets

The trouble with these wiener wanking wussies is they've got an excuse for every fucking thing which ever happened but they don't have one damn thing to offer in accomplishment; there's absolutely fucking nothing.

Edward Snowden presented a list of acknowledged facts from the NSA and which organization has subsequently ignored every damn one of them.  Not surprisingly, leaks still come constantly.  See above about wiener wanking wussies with a fistful of excuses.

You can see Sinecure Sam up there with his snaky little eyes as he thinks to himself, "If I play my cards right, I could keep this gig for years and retire in Palm Springs with my pal, Barack."

They're playing this Russian interference bullshit like it's CNN on Flight MH-17 and it still hasn't changed the fact the plane crashed.  It's like the "Days of Our Lives" soap opera only with somewhat better suits although little dress sense, typically.

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