Sunday, June 25, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 6/25

We have already covered how CIA Director Mike Pompeo is checking out J. Edgar Hoover's dress collection.  (Ithaka:  CIA Director Mike Pompeo Proclaims Edward Snowden as Second Coming of Christ)

There has also already been mention of how Ken Ham's Noah's Ark in Kentucky floats about as well as USS Fitzgerald.  (Ithaka:  And Then Noah's Ark Sank Kentucky | In Other #News: Can Ken Ham Float?)

But ...

Did you hear of Anonymous, the hacker organization, hooking up with Stephen Hawking.  Some days ago, Hawking advised we must go to space or all of us will die.  We suggest to Steve-O, "Maybe have a bottle of Chianti with that liver, buddy."

Today, Anonymous has gone him one better.  (RT:  Anonymous believes NASA is poised to announce discovery of aliens (VIDEO))

Now you know and, yes, there is still time to prepare but (sob) there's nothing new in the article.

Ed:  maybe they could share that Chianti with Hawking?

Roger that.  Sounds like the win.

For the Most Exceptionally Obvious Observation of the Day, we have this delight.  (RT:  ‘Main US problem in Afghanistan is that people don’t want to accept occupation’)

That comes from an anti-war coalition but, even so, it's been known forever or so and logic doesn't appear to have much to do with the decision to remain.  Nothing has changed in eighteen years and it doesn't show any sign of changing now.

Arkansas has settled on Monsanto's Dicamba for their state executions because this shit kills fucking everything.  (NPR:  Arkansas Tries To Stop An Epidemic Of Herbicide Damage)

For some thrills you probably missed at Yellowstone National Park, Cadillac Man, there's the opportunity to fire a restored Gatling gun.  When I see the glory of Nature, the first thought in my head, believe you me, is how I can fucking kill it at ten rounds per second.  (Billings Gazette:  For many tourists, firing a Gatling gun or machine gun rounds out Yellowstone vacation)

Note:  I seriously doubt whether a Gatling gun could even approach ten rounds per second.

And you can't take the kids to the beach anymore.  (Kids Travel Doc:  Digging in the sand at the beach is no longer fun)

The same file advises kids should never get any Sun on them ... ever.  And insects are really icky.  All of the children should be raised to be monks where they should live on gruel and God's love.

Nun:  not all Orders are like that.  We grow marijuana in ours and it's legal.

What about the boys?

Nun:  send them over and perhaps we can use them as fieldworkers so the ladies can take care of the executive complexities which are beyond them.

It's either that or gruel in the men's seminary?

Nun:  yes

They will be on the next bus.

Ed:  not much in the news?

Nope.  The Daily Mail doesn't even have any good sleaze.  It's just the regular stuff of intimidating women to ensure they're aware they're nothing without great tits and a greater willingness to show them off.  That seems to be the strongest bastion of commonly-available sexist bumfuckery extant.

However, there was some coolness or intrigue depending on your perspective but intrigue is usually coolness anyway so Team Oracle defeated Team Kiwi today in America's Cup racing.  (The Guardian:  Oracle takes first win against Team New Zealand in America's Cup)

Team Kiwi had seemed immune but Team Oracle responded after the one-week layoff with a victory to the probable surprise of all.  We didn't see it but we're guessing Lotho did so there's another guess as to whether the win came from flat-out speed, a mistake in seamanship, or impossible to differentiate.

“Now we’ve got confidence,” the 37-year-old Spithill said. “Everyone on the team has just been going full noise the whole week. We’ve seen these guys (i.e. Team Kiwi) taking days off. That’s good. I love seeing that.

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