Thursday, June 22, 2017

"From Out of the Sky" #Poetry

It wasn't even raining
when it fell out of the sky
and a little bit of love
made for that surprise
Best when unexpected
and touching as can be
it's the tiny things in life
which let our hearts run free

There was an immediate reaction
with clear delight in her glee
and then I said so quickly
the thanks don't go to me
There's a spirit out there watching
and you know who she is
she has those witchy ways
and it all came down like this

We don't know how she did the timing
or made it fall out of the sky
but we appreciate the goodness
and there's no need to ask for why
The love in life goes round and round
as love ever has that will
and today it fell right from the sky
to show it's with us still

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

Thank you since that part shouldn't be cryptic.

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