Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Rockhouse View on Trumpcare or Eponymic Derivatives

Right off the top the Rockhouse doesn't like that dumb name.  First the GOP comes up with that idiotic Obamacare naming idea and now there's the spite move to name this Trumpcare?  Why, dear, that's so devilishly imaginative, isn't it.

That type of pandering won't do anything and you already know the vote is bought so it will become law or not depending on which medical outfits bought which Senators.  You can check any time the sources of their contributions and you may (or may not) be surprised to find how many of those so-called Centrist Democrats are on the take that way as well.

There's no need for an extended diatribe on that type of corruption since you're already aware of it and that's the reality of the playing field regardless of any histrionics to the contrary.

Just as with impeaching Trump which yields nothing since they will just get another one, throwing out this so-called Trumpcare only winds up with a system which was shitty already.

The Rockhouse strongly suspects the people will shed some blood over this since we're probably going to lose and many will lose their insurance.  We won't lose through street combat with authorities but rather it will be from medical frailties.

This is not doom and gloom since we are going to suffer.   We're going to suffer so long and so hard, Washington will never hear the end of it and they fully understand we will tolerate no more of their disingenuous, money-fueled speeches because our people are dying, damn it.  Listen to that.

And we will continue until they do listen because it will be impossible for them to bob and weave around what they wrought.

From that we hope to achieve that which Bernie has been suggesting from the start, the one-payer plan for the death of privatized medicine and restoration of control of medical processes to the people.

It is not the purpose to undercut Shannon Jackson's message since it's a harsh path to one-payer when so many have to suffer so much to get there.  Perhaps it has to be that way.  In any case, it's not the policy of the Rockhouse to modify anything sourced from anywhere else but rather to present it and you can make whatever you will of it.  This article is only an adjunct to the other and is not intended to supersede it in any way.  (Ithaka:  Call Your Senator and Stop Trumpcare | Shannon Jackson, Our Revolution #Politics #Health)

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