Thursday, June 29, 2017

#News for a Nooner 6/29

Jason Chaffetz made a heartfelt plea for a congressional pay raise which really (wink, wink) isn't a pay raise.  (The Hill:  Chaffetz calls for $2,500 legislator housing stipend)

Perhaps as a surprise to him, he was advised to tighten his belt and sell his fucking iPhone.

The Rockhouse has advised you li'l chipmunks never to put anything online unless you're ok with it appearing on the cover of the New York Times.  We would like to now extend that advisory to be sure you're ok with your mum seeing it too.  (Metro:  Women responds to unsolicited d*ck pics by sending them to the guy’s mum)

When you're out for an assignation with a lady of the night, it's important to be sure you're approaching the right one when you make that connection ... especially if you're the Ethics Commissioner ... and you're in Connecticut.  (ctpost:  Ethics commissioner in Bridgeport charged in prostitute mixup)

CNN got all self-righteous about Donald Trump's Tweets but apparently they have forgotten when Jake Tapper insisted Trump had some fascination with the urination of Russian hookers.  (CNN:  Trump tweets shocking assault on Brzezinski, Scarborough)

CNN is headed for the tabloid league faster than you can say, "Let's see more side boobs."

If you will write about tornadoes, it's usually better to know something about them.  (Express:  Tornado 'with 60mph winds’ heads towards central United States)

Oh, my, that sounds dangerous, doesn't it.  Tip:  that's more like a Trumpornado which makes a lot of noise but doesn't do much.

There were two women glorying in their little road rage incident when one enterprising chap noticed the car exited by one of the women was still running so he hopped into it and drove away.  We're sure justice is served in some way by that but we're not entirely sure in what way.

Nevada will legalize the ganja this weekend but Jeff Sessions only asked, "Where is Nevada?"  (Fox:  Nevada to legalize pot possession this weekend, as debate rages)

You may think you have a gambling problem but this fellow has a gambling problem.

We're guessing the lady will be betting on a White hat.  She knows; she got an inside tip from one of the jockeys, see.

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