Wednesday, June 21, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 6/22 | A Dolt, a Bolt, and a Revolt but Still Not Funny

CNN starts to become dimly aware that keeping Nancy Pelosi around Congress like Lenin's dead ass on Red Square is not serving the Democratic Party so well.  They would be better off with Lenin since he doesn't take money from lobbyists.

Yeah and find that other barge full of lobbyist-owned malarkey in Chuck Schumer ... to drag it into the ocean and sink it.  The Democratic Party will improve with every Centrist who goes overboard.

George Clooney made a billion dollars yesterday and there was a large Twitter show of people asking how much of that would go to refugees.  People won't forget Libya any time soon.  Hopefully Clooney is better at fatherhood than public relations.

CNN also said stoners have been tensely waiting for Jeff Sessions' next move but that's not true.  He's completely flipped the shit of high-volume growers but stoners don't care.  It's been illegal all my life and, besides, when there's an out of control hellstorm of opiates out there, what kind of hellstorm do you think will come back at Jeff Sessions if he jacks around with reefer instead of dealing with the narcotics.

As to all the uproar about Chelsea Manning destroying national security by her leaks, the DoD review showed she did no harm at all.  There may be truth someday from the CIA on something but, frankly, we fuckin' doubt it.  (RT:  WikiLeaks disclosures on Iraq, Afghanistan did not damage US – report)

There's life coming to the American textile industry and not from some political gimcrackery but rather science since high-tech fibers have been developed and production processes have been improved to make the industry more competitive.  (  US textile industry returning to life)

From the department of I'll See You in My Chambers, Young Lady, we have, our favorite, Texas.  A judge will decide if a naked person covered in paint is still a naked person or something else.  (Statesman:  NEW TODAY: Painted dancers file string of lawsuits: We are not strippers)

America is where you find all sense of sanity and reason ... then leave it behind before you go there.

ISIS or someone blew up another ancient structure in Iraq as they work assiduously to make the country as featureless as Nevada.

Donald Trump said something stupid in Iowa ... but, wtf, it's Iowa so how smart did it have to be.

Marco Rubio had an awkward moment with Ivanka Trump but we don't know what it was or why he would expect it to be anything else when he's such a puny wind-up toy.  They say some day he will be President but we don't think he will ever do more than valet parking for real candidates.

While Centrists are whining at seeing the party going up in smoke, Bernie Sanders will be giving a talk with people who are supported by Our Revolution who were successful in winning seats.  CNN's whine about failure is just another of their attempts to marginalize the Left and they're still not good at it since they're far too obvious.

Various nouveau riche pretenders can try to feign their nobility but nowhere else does royal like this.

London, UK

Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied by the Prince of Wales, makes a speech at the state opening of parliament in the House of Lords

Photograph: Carl Court/Getty Images

There are plenty of hats at the Royal Ascot but there are cooler ones at Glastonbury.  I hear more about mud than hats from Glastonbury so good luck, ladies.

Glastonbury, UK

Revellers arrive at Worthy Farm in Somerset for the Glastonbury festival

Photograph: Dylan Martinez/Reuters

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