Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Then There Was Morphine

The Rockhouse approach to pain is 1000 mg of aspirin will solve it since any less only makes pain laugh and any more will blow a hole in your stomach.  With other non-opiated pain meds, the Rockhouse discerns no significant effect and hasn't used such alternatives in decades.

Any long-term use of opiates is terminal either by design in helping alleviate pain for someone in a terminal condition or by back-handed intention with those who use such drugs recreationally.

There's no need to hammer the point since you know it already.  I've omitted short-term use of opiates for extreme clinical situations (e.g. post-surgical) but they're unavoidable in such a circumstance and I've been in that one multiple times.

That should serve for an intro since aspirin hasn't been getting it done so this morning (i.e. around 2 a.m. by my definition), I tried a low-dose pill with morphine.  The regulars have seen my stance multiple times that opiates are the Plague of Black Death coming again to revisit humanity only taking a different form this time.  There is no change to that position and I would not do this without reason.

Watson:  infer an outraged slam at the egregious flaccidity of Washington's non-response to the opiate epidemic?

You're already there, my brother.

It really makes no difference if it's cancer or something else in my chest since ultimately it will box me and the only question is when.  The reason this is news is Ithaka won't survive opiates since they do, in fact, all the things you think cannabis does but actually does not.  If my thinking is not clear then writing only insults you insofar as it expects you to accept some substandard rubbish.

Watson:  infer the obligatory slam of MSM?

Thank you, Watson.

Use of the morphine backfired within two hours after which I took up the standard position of retching my guttywuts up into the terlet.  The stuff knows I hate it and is more than happy to hate me back.  However, the mitigation of the pain was real and it did do better than the aspirin.

Please do keep it straight that this is not Facebook and there is no drama, melodrama, nor rama dama ding dong.  This is the Cap'n speaking and it's lookin' kinda shitty ahead.

Watson:  how can you be sure it's a low dose when it was prescribed for Yevette for cancer?

That's what she said and her information came from the doctor who prescribed it.  I understand the flaws in chains of information of that nature but it's the best information I've got.  There's no danger of inadvertent addiction since there's not much of it and the stuff did not leave Yevette addicted.

Nevertheless, my purpose is specifically to find beautiful things and bring them to you.  (Ithaka:  #Photography on the Blog 6/28 | Because People Keep Missing the Beauty)

Hopefully some of that which I write is beautiful or otherwise I simply trip over it somewhere but in either case the motivation is the same.  The Rockhouse steadfastly asserts death doesn't mean much but the way you live out whatever is allotted to you means everything.  Even if I were planted somewhere with a stone over my worm-ridden corpse, no-one would ever look at it whereas the things I write may draw readers for years.  I regard the latter as vastly healthier for everyone although, regrettably, not so much for me (larfs).

However, this is health for me in since the motivation to find good things is inherently healthful.  That doesn't mean to become some type of cloying Pollyanna but it's falsely cynical to reject such things.  I'm deeply cynical and with good reason regarding Washington but I'm not at all cynical about how much better humans are than that.

If Uncle Silas isn't right about this, let's hear you, my brothers and sisters, rising to your feet to shout, "The people in Washington are more pure of heart, more honest of word, and more Christ-like in deed than I could ever hope to be."

Come on.  Ela, ela!  Let's hear it (larfs).

Watson:  you had to get political

Nah, that ain't political.  That's not about Washington but you, mate.


Anonymous said...

I would advise against taking it unless it was prescribed for you. Effect of slowing down bodily functions...could result in more pain.

Peas InOurThyme said...

I wasn't concerned about the morphine since it's been prescribed previously and with an even worse result. You might remember that one after the longest of the surgeries on my shoulder. The reaction was more delayed but I still wound up at 2 a.m. or so puking up my guttywuts with the premium post-surgical experience. Morphine and I won't ever be friends.

We talked quite a bit and hardly any of that needs to come here but that was a chance to ensure things are clear plus it showed the ML EL works just as hoped. Just to be sure it's crystal for everyone, I don't want opiates of any kind since, in my view, that means it's over. Therefore whatever pushes that point out as far as possible is good.

It's also not obvious that medical process takes place in the background. There's no depressive stall; it's only that the information doesn't need to be detailed. Things got bollixed somewhat but that's been rare and it's taking a bit to get that sorted but nothing is slip sliding away due to lack of attention.