Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Busting the Catholic Church for Sex Crimes #News

Vatican finance chief Cardinal George Pell speaks to the media at the Quirinale hotel in Rome on March 3, 2016.

It's really not clear from the article just what exactly he did since it's comes across as vague as to whether he committed any sex crimes directly of sought to cover them from public view.  It's also not proven that he ever did anything although the Victoria prosecutors must believe they have a case.

CNN:  Top Catholic official charged with sexual assault offenses

The Rockhouse is torqued since this Cardinal Pell makes it straight to the front page but he's isolated relative to the snowstorm of charges which were flying about at one time and offenses, if any, were twenty+ years ago.

Ed:  are you standing up for the perv?

That's not the point, mate.  We're wanting truth without sensationalism.  We have seen within about the last year how there were high-level cover-ups of upper class pervs associated with the British Parliament.  We have seen Hot for Teacher scandals popping up in a steady sequence and I see quite a few headlines where I see them in the game all the time to the point at which I'll see, for the same day,  ... holy shit ... another woman nailing a student.

The fundamental premise for American justice is equal treatment under the law and we can go editorial all night as to why it doesn't happen but there's no mandate nor can there be regarding equal treatment by the press.  However, we have seen the way the news media have been radicalized to the point of being highly-polarized relative to one another with the result being a mish mash of pseudo-news which is loud but not much satisfying.

From that mish mash, Cardinal Pell becomes some kind of big deal beacon whereas the Hot for Teacher girls will usually be presented with an implied snicker and the Parliament scandals didn't make it much out of Britain.

I'm not saying the Catholic Church is a victim since maybe they are or maybe not but one thing I know for sure:  we are.  The low quality of the news robs all of us.  These kinds of distortions are just flat-out unacceptable.

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