Friday, June 30, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 7/1

When you see a bear in your rear view, you know you have a problem.  When you see it as you try to back out of your garage, you have a big problem.  (KING5:  ‘I can't go because there is a bear behind me:' Colorado Springs woman finds surprise in garage)

Good morning.

This is one of the services of Planned Parenthood we're relatively sure is not exclusive for woman.  (San Diego Tribune:  Planned Parenthood president often cites 'vasectomy day' in San Diego in defense)

Note:  the Rockhouse supports Planned Parenthood unequivocally.

The Rockhouse will leave it to the CNN stingers to watch what CNN is doing ... since we won't.  (RT:  ‘If you’re MSM and telling lies, we’re watching you’ – investigative group on CNN sting videos)

We will only review headlines as those give the measure of all of them.  We never watch pundit videos.

Apple will probably start to reconsider its heavy commitment to iPhones now.  (The Guardian:  Sony to start making records again 30 years after abandoning vinyl)

Mika and Joe are apparently in love and this promises to make MSM even more nauseating than Jared and Ivanka have made the White House.

Don Lemon said Donald Trump is an embarrassment while Donald Trump said the same thing about Lemon ... and both were right.

Ex-CIA officer claims NASA runs a child labor colony on Mars.  (Daily Mail:  Nasa is forced to deny outrageous conspiracy theory that it is running a child slave colony on Mars after wild claims are made by ex-CIA officer)

The question about the CIA isn't so much whether it ever lied but rather whether it has ever told the truth.

Perhaps you are like many and hearing of Kardashians or Jenners only gets you seeing giant butts but there are even bigger ones in Florida.  (Boing Boing:  Florida town plagued by triple-arse graffiti)

Kardashians / Jenners didn't break the Internet but they made a mess out of Florida.

When your kid uses a Fidget Spinner so much it catches fire, it may be time to face the fact you have one stone crazy kid.  (WCPO:  Fidget spinners are now catching on fire — just like vape pens and hoverboards)

The analogies are clever, tho.  We expect that from Cincinnati.  Using a Fidget Spinner is like using a vape pen for ganja.  No chance of any overreaction in that thinking.

News tries to imply there are some parts of St Louis which are not sinkholes.  (Yahoo:  Sinkhole swallows up car in downtown St. Louis; no injuries)

When we're talking about deadly poisonous snakes, thirty or so of them, it's got to be Texas and ... the hell you say ... it seems they escaped.  Yeehaw.  (KSAT:  Vehicle carrying venomous snakes crashes in South Bexar County)

When you have been busted for six pounds of marijuana, seven gallons of moonshine, and a whole lot of guns, smiling for the mugshot may seem an inappropriate response.  (ABC WLOS:  North Carolina woman charged in marijuana, moonshine bust)

Mark Zuckerberg decides to strut the full Messiah Complex.  (Fox:  Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Can Fill the Role Played by Churches)

If you didn't think he was Looney Tunes previously, we're guessing that tidbit will probably do it.  That boy has got an express ticket to La La Land.

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