Monday, June 19, 2017

How Do We Satisfy the Rich We Don't Want to Eat Them and All Their Stuff

Down here with the Untouchables, we know we don't want to eat the rich and we really don't want their stuff.  That's based on fundamental Army logic which dictates the first thing you need to do when you get stuff is paint it.  Then we go to George Carlin logic which dictates you need some place to put the stuff or you need to get a bigger place for more stuff.

No, we specifically do not want that but why should they believe us when they have million-dollar yachts and, man, this is such cool stuff.

The Rockhouse insists you believe it since those million-dollar yachts will still exist and the rich will still be rich.  The object isn't to shatter one end to build swimming pools on the other.  As we saw in Arizona yesterday, scorpions turn up in swimming pools plus I've cleaned my last pool.  Never again.

There's an egalitarian expectation, particularly in America, that everyone should have the same stuff but we don't even want the same stuff.  I don't want a million-dollar yacht since then I need a ritzy place to park it; I need a crew for big bucks; I need a bookkeeper who will probably be embezzling some of my loot.  Some people get off on doing that kind of business dance but most don't.  There are different strokes for different folks and it's not just a song.

The Socialist world shouldn't be terribly different from the one now but we will definitely stand down from all the interwoven military entanglement.  That alone steals so much of the world's treasure and yields only illusions behind it.  When there are thousands of nuclear weapons around the world, we are specifically not safe at any moment.  We will not only have safety, we will demand it and do so now.

We further maintain standing down from military engagement and general demobilization / disarmament will offset the treasure necessary to support the additional contention below regarding Guaranteed Universal Income.

All or many accept there will be tremendous job displacement by the Age of Robos and many humans will not have any potential for the workplace which will get rapidly more sophisticated in terms of the engagement with humans.  All or many accept there needs to be a guaranteed income and there may be variance as to what exactly is in it but the need is there when no jobs exist if for self-preservation than no other reason.  Economic disparity yields social dysfunction and that's readily apparent around the world.  There's no need to flog the nature of the problem since we want the solution for it.

Here at the Rockhouse, we maintain a substantial part of that solution is disarmament.

The richies who are heavily-committed in their investments into military manufacture will lose their shirts unless they're more clever than that and are properly diversified.  If not they will be doing a swan dive into a meat locker but that plan was of their own design and, as they're often fond of saying, they made some mistakes.

There is a reasonable expectation, as judged by the Rockhouse, that everyone, regardless of financial means, has the same right to health care and life.  More than likely, that's the Ideal for practically everyone although many have abandoned any idea of its practicality.

Often this is the point at which people choke and run for it but nationalizing health care is vital in terms of cost reduction and efficacy.  We hear endlessly of people shadowboxing with Big Pharma since they have enraged just about everyone but so do gun nuts and nothing changes.  Baby steps just flat out do not work.  It's like trying to play out your career on annual step increases.  In English that means you're screwed since that won't keep up with increases in the cost of living.

No question all of this results in radical upheaval but the Rockhouse adamantly demands there must be no blood on the ground from it.  We have seen how Black Lives Matters protests and they have been assiduous in observing Gandhi's mandate they must not fight back.  That position may cost the People some blood but the People will win because three million elite cannot control almost three hundred million who will not cooperate.  (Paraphrase of Gandhi)

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