Sunday, June 25, 2017

"The Mouse That Roared" 1959 | Peter Sellers, Jean Seberg #Movies

The quality of the filming in "The Mouse that Roared" relative to modern standards is weak but the story is bold within and it's charming throughout.

Prime Minster Count Rupert Mountjoy: We must declare war on the United States.

Benter: But we can never win such a war!

Prime Minster Count Rupert Mountjoy: Of course not, but we could win the peace. I've given this a lot of thought, gentlemen, and I'm perfectly positive that I am right. You must remember, the Americans are a very strange people. Whereas other countries rarely forgive anything, the Americans forgive anything. There isn't a more profitable undertaking for any country than to declare war on the United States and to be defeated.

Comedy doesn't get any more Brit than that.  There's no way war can get any more ludicrous when your specific purpose is to lose.

There was one unfortunate drawback to the plan.

Pedro: How did the war with the United States go, eh?

Tulley Bascombe: We won!

(comedy ensues)

In case you're not convinced, where else do you get dialog like this.

General Snippet: I warn you, madam - I know the entire Geneva Convention by heart!

Grand Duchess Gloriana: Oh, how nice! You must recite it for me some evening; I play the harpsichord.

Note:  the Grand Duchess was played by Peter Sellers as were Tulley Bascombe and Prime Minister Count Rupert Mountjoy.

Helen Kokintz was played by Jean Seberg so how's your retro doing about this time?

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