Wednesday, June 28, 2017

News on a Nailhead 6/28

John McEnroe showed us he's just as much of a dick as he ever was after he decided to go after Serena Williams to give her a hard time.  Extra points option:  she's pregnant.  (The Guardian:  John McEnroe: men and women should play each other to solve Serena question)

For the extra credit:  what Serena question?

Tip:  don't piss him off or he will start throwing tennis racquets.

Mitch McConnell showed us when the going gets tough, the tough go to Noah's Ark in Kentucky but, regrettably, without a deal on Son of Obamacare and no serious chance of ever getting one.  McConnell shows his signature talent remains bringing things to a grinding halt.  (The Guardian:  Senate Republicans forced to delay vote on healthcare bill due to lack of support)

Barack Obama decided if you can't beat the filthy rich then join them and one of the places he stayed as an ex-President cost $80K per night.  Five nights equals the entire Presidential salary for a year and that was just one stop so where did he get the money, li'l chipmunks.  (CNN:  Obamas under fire from the left for never ending, sizzling ultra-luxury vacations)

One day, Centrist Democrats will admit there's nothing partisan and they're just as corrupt as the GOP so maybe it will come in a courtroom at the rate they're going.  (Observer:  DCCC Chair Faces Ethics Probe as Democratic Brand Worsens)

Just like the GOP ... one endless ethics indictment.

The CIA has dusted off the Chemical Weapons in Syria story and they didn't even change the script from when Obama did it.  Trump is touting the need to whack Assad which, you may recall, he said he would not do prior to the election.  (RT:  White House: 'Another chemical weapons attack' potentially planned by Syria's Assad)

So far, there's only one thing Trump has brought to Washington.

Lord, Lord ... who the fuck wears underpants under shorts.

In case you didn't think MSM could get any more ridiculous, Angela Merkel bypasses it to see whatever absurdity Trump has Tweeted on any given day.  There you have it; no-one trusts MSM anywhere.  (The Guardian:  Angela Merkel: I search Trump on Twitter for latest US news – video)

If you find yourself with a bothersome bootie after years of screwing oak trees or some such, there's help.  Yes, the Day of Botox for the Bootie is here.  (NY Post:  People are dropping $25,000 to get anal Botox)

Facebook now owns 67% of Internet users with their latest count of two billion accounts although they conveniently omit the fact it's almost impossible to kill a Facebook account and many of those cranks are probably already dead.  (Observer:  Facebook Officially Hit 2 Billion Users—That’s 63 Percent of Everyone With Internet)

Welcome to the Bell Curve and unless you see some Nobel Prize winners on Facebook someday soon take a tiny guess as to which end of it Facebook occupies.

The Donald Trumpian greatness may be a little slow in coming.  (RT:   US sees global popularity plummet under Trump administration)

CNN is living the glory of fake news within the fake news.  All of this started with Clinton's bullshit about Russian interference in the election which she made up to cover her own interference.  (CNN:  CNN producer admits Russia narrative is ‘bullsh*t,’ just for ‘ratings’ (VIDEO))

Tip to CNN:  calling it a narrative doesn't make it any more intelligent just as wearing glasses only made Rick Perry look like a pedophile trying to hide.

Meanwhile, the White House has never found anything useful Rick Perry can do so today they tried him out as Press Secretary apparently figuring no-one can do a worse job than Sean Spicer.  Well ...

You say you like butterflies?  Get thee hence to Siberia as they have plenty.  (RT:  ‘Butterfly apocalypse’: Mass of flying insects arrives in Siberia, more expected next year (PHOTOS))

© Anya Vasilenko

Suddenly, Siberia doesn't seem so cold.

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