Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hopkinsville, KY, Prepares for the August Eclipse #Science (sort of)

The first question at the Rockhouse is how much preparation is really needed for an eclipse.  It gets dark for a couple of minutes and then it gets light again; celebrate your new life.  This event strikes the Rockhouse much like planetary golf.

However, there's more.

Hopkinsville, a city of about 32,000 people and the birthplace of the "sleeping prophet" Edgar Cayce, is nearest the point of greatest eclipse — as the axis of the moon's shadow cone passes closest to Earth's center. Hopkinsville is in the area that will be getting the longest total eclipse — at 1:24 p.m. CDT Aug. 21, the moon will pass in front of the sun and cast darkness on the rolling farmland, plunging it into darkness for about 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

ABC:  In rural Kentucky, solar eclipse preparation keeps town busy

Now we see it; Edgar Cayce once lived here and, from the sound of things, maybe he still does.  (WIKI:  Edgar Cayce)

Note:  the link is because some seem afraid of him but he was pushing snake oil more than anything else.

Hopkinsville is putting some serious dollars into this gala event.

Hendricks said the city learned of its place in the path of totality — total darkness, as day briefly becomes night — about 10 years ago and has spent more than half a million dollars on preparations.


But they have a reason; they have Little Green Men as well.

More than 20 local events are planned, including a three-day music festival, a bourbon tasting, and a festival commemorating the Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter — the reported landing of "little green men" in nearby Kelly on Aug. 21, 1955.


Check out the result since this is big business in Hopkinsville.

The eclipse is expected to have a $30 million economic impact on Christian County. Carlisle, who opened Milkweed Health & Harmony Emporium about a year ago, designed an eclipse-themed T-shirt with the latitude and longitude of Hopkinsville. Most hotels are sold out.


Anyplace which can make thirty million dollars on absolutely nothin' definitely deserves a Rockhouse hat tip.

We had not heard about the Little Green Men previously so maybe seeing them would be a treat for the missus and the kids.

There's a whole lotta strange emanating from Kentucky these days and inquiring minds want to know why.


Anonymous said...

Most cities on the path are holding events. We will have 2 min 40 secs of total eclipse. Most of the parks are already sold out of passes for that day as are campgrounds and hotels. T shirts sales have been strong announcing the event.
We have an event party scheduled as do almost all of my neighbors.
They are still deciding wether or not to dismiss school early

Peas InOurThyme said...

I still remember my ol' Mother saying, "Don't you look at that eclipse."

Nope, never did (larfs).

If I had kids for this, I'd be terrified and probably would not let them outside.

Anonymous said...

before total and after total we wear welders goggles during total nothing is needed
Or you can use #14 glass
I am making several viewing boxes in addition to the goggles that I have.
Funny I only have all these goggles for eclipses.
In the day we used full come bottles

Peas InOurThyme said...

Have a ball and it sounds like you will but this one ain't participating ... I remember what my ol' Mother said.

No problem at all admitting I'm a'feared of them (larfs).

Anonymous said...

ouch. coke bottles