Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tulsi Gabbard Confronts Problem Common to All Presidents for Twenty Years #Politiics

U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard © Mike Segar / Reuters

The specific problem she confronts is that of the American policy of regime change.  That goes much much longer than the last twenty years but it's more immediate and obvious in the Middle East and Afghanistan where, one after the other, America has whacked strong leaders to replace them with ineffectual puppet governments with countries falling into anarchy.

“I think that there has been a concerted effort both on the part of some in the media, as well as many in politics, and many in our foreign policy establishment seem to have been advocating for a continuance of these regime change wars, really ignoring the fact of what has been the consequence of these wars in countries like Iraq and Libya and Syria, where each time we have waged these wars, [it] has resulted in the strengthening of terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda or the creation of ISIS [Islamic State, IS, formerly ISIL], and it has resulted in a tremendous amount of suffering and death for the people of these countries,” said Gabbard at a press conference, answering a question from RT.

RT:  Media & establishment push for regime change but ignore consequences – Tulsi Gabbard

While we admire her steadfast insistence on truth in whatever is America is doing, her explanation does not go back far enough since the modern incarnation of regime change started with the CIA drive to install the Shah of Iran in 1953.  The Rockhouse submits the Middle East has been in shambles ever since with America doing everything possible to ensure it stays that way.

Here Gabbard has a direct shot at Obama and his doubletalk about what he was actually fighting in Syria.

Gabbard’s remarks come as the Hawaiian representative, who is a former Iraq war veteran herself, tries to build support for the Stop Arming Terrorists Act that she introduced in Congress in January of this year. The bill would prohibit the US from backing armed factions linked to terrorist groups such as IS, Al-Qaeda, and the Al-Nusra Front. It is based on legislation from the 1980s that aimed to stop the CIA from illegally arming the Contra rebels during Nicaragua’s civil war.

“We must stop this madness,” Gabbard said speaking before Congress back in December, stressing, “We must stop arming terrorists.”

- RT

The Centrists whitewashed that and pretend it never happened but we don't forget when Democrats (i.e. Centrist neoliberals) do it nor do we forget when Republicans do it as happens now.  The Rockhouse sees no significant functional difference between Centrist Democrats and Republicans.

Tulsi Gabbard has Presidential fire in her and you bet the Establishment will bring all the lawyers, guns, and money in their armory to stop her.  You saw what Clinton did to Sanders but so did Tulsi Gabbard and she takes the challenge anyway.

Gabbard has deep wit and big balls for one fine kind of woman.  Bernie has been floundering about lately going on about Russian hacking so Tulsi Gabbard is rapidly emerging as the leader for Our Revolution since we see her eye firmly fixed on the precise nature of the problem.

You bet the Establishment will consider her dangerous and, to them, she is.


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