Friday, June 30, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 6/30

Nothing turns on the Rockhouse quite so much as moral outrage from the GOP ... unless it's moral outrage from CNN and its tabloid queens.  For this one, we have both.  (CNN:  GOP lawmakers blast Trump's 'Morning Joe' tweets)

Something which is not in the evidence is the daily warning about how Russian hacking will destroy the fiber of American society or at least what's left of it.  Suddenly that's not important any more but, dayum, is my ass achin' over Tweeting.

Nah, I wouldn't say there's any evidence of damage in that lot.  Negatory on that, mates.

Ed:  what happened to the Opiates Epidemic?

Dunno, mate, it looks like all of them forgot about it.

When your boyfriend tells you it's ok to go ahead and shoot him because it will make a cool YouTube stunt, it may not be such a good thing to include in your SnapChat resume ... oh, I just shot my boyfriend and I croaked him.

Note:  the premise was a book would stop a bullet.  It didn't.

Either way, Darwin is served since neither will reproduce any time soon because Lady Einstein will be living at the pleasure of the state for some time to come and we suspect she won't exactly be date bait thereafter.  Dunno about you, mates, but in our speed dating we're only looking for one answer to whether you did or did not ever shoot a previous boyfriend.

Bernie Sanders defended Trump's Tweets as 'fighting fire with fire' and the Rockhouse sees a fair call since today's pseudo-journos are permitted to say any fucking thing they like because all of it is perceived as Gospel but Trump is supposed to take it like he's a choirboy?  If there's anything at all which was established in the election, it's that Trump is definitely not a choirboy.

Ed:  are you defending Trump?

Not particularly since all of us loathe politicians but the clever part is the pseudo-journos have managed to lower themselves as a class to an even deeper pit of contemptibility than politicians.

The Guardian blames Donald Trump for hostility toward fake journalism but there might possibly be more to it than that.  (The Guardian:  The iPhone is the crack cocaine of technology. Don’t celebrate its birthday)

When you write analogies like an elephant does ballet, journalism probably should not have been your first pick, ducks.  I guess that degree in comparative religion hasn't been working out so well for you, huh?

Where there's a story about bass fishing in the news, you must be in Alabama.  (WHNT:  Mayflies taking flight on a warm Alabama night!)

Only in Texas can you get life in prison for screwing cucumbers.  (Dallas News:  Texas man who committed 'deviant' sex acts with veggies gets life in prison for tampering with evidence)

The Rockhouse is really not clear on the deviance since they're his cucumber and presumably he can do whatever he likes with them unless, of course, the rights of the cucumbers were violated in some way.

When you spend five years building a boat, probably one of the most important early precautions is ensuring it will float.  (Mirror:  Grandad spends 5 years and thousands of pounds renovating yacht - and it sinks 5 minutes after launch)

Sorry about your luck, old guy, as you're looking like the marine version of Paul Ryan just now.

Richard Ogilvy with his 40ft wooden yacht, Seawraithe (Photo: Caters News Agency)

Sorry about your luck, old guy.

Note:  this was NOT a total loss since the boat was pulled back up again and he believes it will be seaworthy in five or six months.

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