Sunday, June 25, 2017

Autonomous VW Microbus is Actually Kind of Cool #Technology


The shape is familiar and easily-recognizable to many but nothing else about it is the same.  Now it's electric so the VW pollution problem is finally solved.  Note:  VWs were among the worst for it.

We don't know but we're guessing the heater actually works in the new version and it definitely did not in the original.  There were multiple liabilities of that nature in the original Microbus but all of them are gone except for the shape which was never a liability at all.

Fox News:  VW Microbus to return as I.D. Buzz electric minivan


The three-row I.D. Buzz features a highly configurable interior, with seats that can be turned into tables and beds, and front chairs that can be rotated to face the back. That’s because it was designed with fully-autonomous driving capabilities in mind, something VW hopes to add by as early as 2025.

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The flexibility of the vehicle is the intrigue since many of the autonomous vehicles have seemed crowded and kind of cheap and nasty but this is wide open with room to actually (gasp) engage with each other during a driving trip rather than simply enduring the time it takes.

The biggest Rockhouse problem we have with cars is usually, regardless of size, there's only one person in them.  It would be unfortunate to waste this vehicle in such a way.  Even if electricity can be generated in a cleaner way, it's still stupid to waste it.  Therefore, maybe the glorious future for this vehicle is in some type of autonomous ride-sharing taxi capability.

The Rockhouse likes this vehicle and the regulars know the Rockhouse likes hardly any vehicles.  While Tesla can make electric cars which go 500 kph or whatever, so what.  Hardly anyone needs such a vehicle whereas there's likely a large demand for any type of vehicle which can carry the parents and two kids.

Please accept a disingenuous apology for liking that classic family model since, wtf, if you don't like the model then don't fuckin' make one.  I didn't and I don't feel like I missed a thing while for others it's vital for health and happiness.  Different strokes.

The retro-inspired I.D. Buzz features a battery pack mounted flat in the floor, Tesla Model X-style, that VW says is good for 270 miles of range and is equipped with a wireless charging system that can deliver an 80 percent charge in just 30 minutes. An electric motor at each axle provides 369 hp, all-wheel-drive capability and 0-60 mph acceleration in five seconds, which is quicker than a VW GTI compact.

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We think you'll agree that's some snappy performance but we could do without the 'retro-inspired' rubbish from the Millennials since Boomers get just a little tired of that from the same ones who have remade just about every Hollywood movie ever made and it's been a few years so they will be remaking Harry Potter any day now.

What do you know as there may be some emergent coolness happening with VW.

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