Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Quokka is a Lovely Animal plus One Which Isn't but Goodness Overall

The Quokkas in the picture seem large but they're really about the size of cats and the Rockhouse is quite sure if Walt Disney had ever encountered them then he would have put them in the movies.

Quokkas are rare, only existing on a few islands which are free of cats and foxes, and they're protected with strong penalties for touching or mistreating them.  They're fragile and you mustn't feed them or that can result in a fine as well.  (WIKI:  Quokka)

I saw them and fell in love immediately and so the article now.

Here we have a better perspective on the quokka's size and it shows us as well they're not at all afraid of humans.  They will readily approach us and this picture is probably cool so long as our hero doesn't feed or mess with the animal.

You have probably inferred the animal which isn't so lovely mistreated a Quokka and that's what happened.  Two manboys did it and they were fined heavily for kicking one of them.  They were lucky to avoid jail time but they didn't avoid the outrage from Australians who heard about it.

We don't want to wallow in the beastliness of mistreating such an animal and regard that as symptomatic of a larger-scale helplessness in at least some component of the young who take it out on anything nearby.  Quite a few of their elders do that a lot as well but that's more Sociology than we want when we're really diggin' these little animals.

The goodness overall is the Quokkas apparently do well in their protected custody and they're entirely unsuitable as pets due to a sensitive diet and also because they're mostly nocturnal.

Chief Dan George:  they're for looking at; they're not for taking home

Aye, Chief Dan

Even though I grew up over there, I had never even heard of a Quokka until I read the story today.  Probably that's because they're only found on few islands off the West coast of Australia while we lived on the East coast.

Check out the tail as they're like teeny, tiny kangaroos.

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