Friday, June 30, 2017

#Photography for the Hell of It | How Hot Was it in Fort Worth ...

Well, I tell you, son.  It was so hot the strawberries started melting and you know that's extremely fuckin' hot ... and it's headed for 98F today.  Yahoo.

Here's how executives build a house ...

Right ... they stare at it until magic happens.  Nice job on the foundation, mates.

Note:  men often use the same technique when trying to repair a broken car motor.  It doesn't work for that either.  I'm sure many of the femmes who could not actually fix the car themselves have experienced the phenomenon in which the menfolk go to the front of the vehicle to stare at the motor until finally come back to ask you to do that which you were doing while they were up there ... calling a tow truck.

If you want a job done properly, get a woman to do it, right?

Danica Patrica tries two-wheelin' a corner when NASCAR went road racing instead of running on the usual oval tracks.

Note:  the Rockhouse likes Danica Patrick since she's smart, she's hot, and she's dangerous.  She is one fine kind of woman.

One for Lotho since this shows Rudolph Carraciola on the then-new Autobahn in about 1937 for speed tests.  I remember with dead certainty a similar photograph of a highly-aerodynamic Mercedes vehicle such as this one and there was a swastika on the front of it.  I was young when I read the book about him since, hey, I love speed and that swastika shocked the bejeebers out of that young lad.

The topic didn't come up previously regarding the swastika but rather the design and engineering so far back when most F1 cars were kind of ugly but these ones were beauteous and they were extremely fast.

If you have been wondering why the wars go on for so long, this might be part of it.

We probably don't need to know how big a giraffe's tongue can get but it looks like this one is in love.

Further proof of the way acoustic guitar players torture their women.

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