Sunday, June 18, 2017

What's Hot on the Blog 6/18


When China - astounding and encouraging to see such interest and I'm thankful such interest exists

Social Media - considered from the standpoints of damage from it, addiction to it, and a possible way to resolve it (I don't mean to flog the topic but it's a deep fascination with something I consider an important and dangerous phenomenon)

News - it looks like you found a bit of comedy in this one

What's Hot

Thoughts - it's a shot at insubstantial online relationships but it follows with Opus finding a real one

The Zen - some mild comedy about childhood trauma plus a poem from the Colonel and it seems you liked it so thanks for that

Asgardia - who needs a planet for a nation and they are really serious about it

Racism - topic has now made it to the Greatest Hits so that should give some measure of the confusion

#Photography - religions around the world although in ways you may not expect (not disrespectful or not too much)

A Game Changer - hobbled in at the last but maybe it lives

It looks like far from dumbing anything down, you want to smarten it up and I'm willin' but I'm using about all I have of that juice already so I will endeavor to persevere.  Note:  that was from Chief Dan George in "Outlaw Josey Wales" in mockery of some Washington official.

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