Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Situation is Sub-Optimal but So it Goes

There are two obvious alternatives in a sub-optimal situation:  go to Facebook to whine about it or get on with things and the Rockhouse chooses Door No. 2.

If you do choose Door No. 1, hoping for Facebook, this is what you will get.

That's the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Emotional Counselor.  Insert a few coins to discover how you like her.

And we've got weather ...

Möchten Sie nach Bayern gehen?  (Would you like to go to Bavaria?)

That was yesterday and it went higher but that was plenty.  Today there are monsoons so that should give some idea of what comes when the good Lord eats Texas chili.  Tip: don't do it.

There will be a review of Life, the Universe, and Everything later but just now that's likely to yield bilious bollocks only suitable for online where they don't really give a fuck, they're just passing time.

I've got some medical science of a remarkable nature, some heady science for some well-founded ooh wow, and there's a bit of whimsy with Triassic ant lion frogs (fo' real).  Such things need to be delivered with the right vibe or they just waste your time so best to defer.

Ed:  this article just wastes my bloody time!

Perhaps but it would be reasonable to assume I would have cranked out a number of articles by this time in the morning and there's a bit of a desert, I'm afraid.  A sub-optimal circumstance is all the explanation we need and a change or at least an update can be expected somewhat later.

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