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When You Want to Find Real Happiness #Science

The title of the article shows the confusion about happiness right from the top since happiness has nothing to do with being rich and never did.  Being rich is about power, domination, and acquisition, none of which have much to do with happiness since all of them only drive the seeker to want more.  At the Rockhouse, that sounds more like the prescription for guaranteeing you will never be happy and such people show little evidence of being happy anyway.

Happy isn't the New Rich but rather it's something which got misplaced, displaced, and overlooked in bum's rush for financial glory which for most never came.  Now it seems it's regaining the enthusiasm it once had and is trying to return so Observer has some tips on how to get that way.

Observer:  Happy Is the New Rich, and Six Other Lessons for Living a Good Life

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While the observations make points which are well-taken, there's not likely any formula which works for everyone except the general principle of acquisition simply for its own sake is almost alway a bad idea and even if only from the perspective, sooner or later I will have to paint it.  Acquisition inevitably means maintenance which means hassles and there's never happiness in that.

The Rockhouse knows it's silly to tell you where to find happiness and mostly because you already know but you may have been gulled or even gulled yourself to believe it was something else which consequently makes you yet unhappier because you try to obtain something you didn't even really want or at least not that much.

Amazingly enough, in my life I have never heard a single person say, "You know what, Rasta Man?  I'm just never going to be happy unless I get the biggest, most-expensive yacht in the world."

Not only have I never heard that but I doubt anyone I've ever known has even thought it and I strongly suspect it's because most of us really don't want to be bugged.  If our home (i.e. yacht) has servants or staff, they will be constantly scurrying about being obsequious and what an appalling way to live.  When's the time in your own house when you can kick back, scratch your balls, and think, fuck it, ain't no-one lookin'.

Note:  lighten up.  You know the stones need a little air once in a while.

Ed:  if that's a segue, it better be good!

You be the judge, mate (larfs).

While clarity of thought isn't a clear indication of happiness, it clearly shows a greater joie de vivre than we may find in, for example, in a social network which presents little evidence of clear thinking and even less of any substantive happiness.  They're assaulted continuously by visions of people who are better-looking through the endless selfies, wealthier, and wouldn't you like to be like that.

Well, no.

With greater clarity of thought apparently comes better engagement with one's partner and an entirely different type of fulfillment which has nothing to do with competition or acquisition.

More frequent sexual activity has been linked to improved brain function in older adults, according to a study by the universities of Coventry and Oxford.

Researchers found that people who engaged in more regular sexual activity scored higher on tests that measured their verbal fluency and their ability to visually perceive objects and the spaces between them.

The study, published today in The Journals of Gerontology, Series B: Psychological and Social Sciences, involved 73 people aged between 50 and 83.

Science Daily:  Frequent sexual activity can boost brain power in older adults

You can see from the sample size this does not represent definitive science but the indications are strong, nevertheless, regarding this trait or tendency in humans.  The Rockhouse really doesn't have a tough job in this regard since you already know about looking for love in all the wrong places since a good many of you already did.  We don't have to convince you fulfillment in the way of these old people is the right way since you already know that too.

The source articles are there for the interested student but, in this case, I doubt many will follow them since ... you already know the truth of it.  That awareness means we don't have to bring the Dalai Lama to smile at you since you're already there.

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