Wednesday, June 28, 2017

#Photography on the Blog 6/28 | Because People Keep Missing the Beauty

Düsseldorf, Germany

A light installation on the Rhine Tower in the French national colours promotes the start of the Tour de France in the city

Photograph: David Young/AP

There's probably as much nationalism in the peloton as anywhere else ... but they're so much cooler about it.  Note:  peloton is a word for racing bicycles which doesn't seem to apply to anything else in human existence ... but ... it will draw instant recognition for Le Tour.

Sochi, Russia

People watch a water and light show on the sidelines of the Fifa Confederations Cup tournament

Photograph: Patrik Stollarz/AFP/Getty

This one is still in the context of sports but why not when it's stunning to behold.

Munich, Germany

Purple rain: lightning flashes over Munich

Photograph: Marcel Kusch/AFP/Getty

There's one tiny trouble with purple rain, mates.  As you have likely surmised, that problem is the purple lightning.

Eastbourne, England

Spectators shelter under a shawl as rain delays play between Novak Djokovic and Vasek Pospisol at the ATP Aegon tennis tournament

Photograph: Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images

Maybe you disagree these women are beautiful but the Rockhouse is bored to bedlam by the runway and red carpet rubes.  However, right away I have a question for these ladies.  How can you be laughing when you're sitting out in the rain and my question is because maybe it's cool and my next question would be may I join you.

We're old and we're cranks at the Rockhouse but we paid the dues and we would much rather see a whole lot less prissy side boob photography and a whole lot more of authentic smiles.

And we have cats ...

Leipzig, Germany

Amur leopard cubs explore their enclosure in the zoo

Photograph: Jens Meyer/AP


Laughing Gecko said...

What? We can't have authentic smiles & side boobs? Mutually exclusive?

Anonymous said...

it is a shame that Ulrich was not allowed to attend.
The one on one battles between Armstrong and him were incredible to watch. And being the only German champion he should be there.
I know he cheated but he competed on an era when almost all riders cheated. I don't remember if his wins were taken away or not but either way the Tour was far more interesting with Armstrong Ulrich Contador etc in it as the attacks were far more impressive

Peas InOurThyme said...

LG, I'll have a tough time believing much of anything from the Daily Mail is authentic about anything. That rot goes into the pile labeled George Clooney Grins and they don't mean doodlysquat. I'm sure many started out as really nice, high-talent kids but then they got processed and, presto, plastic fantastic lovers ... now with side boob shots. Whew (larfs)

L, there are some tremendous adversarial situations which result in incredible things from yours to The Beatles to all kinds of others. Serendipity or something makes them happen and I'm sure it will again in Le Tour. Your enthusiasm for the race makes it inevitable you will see it as it emerges.

That tip to see the end of one of the stages for Le Tour was one of the best ever since I didn't have any particular impression of the race other than it happens on bicycles. I had no idea of everything which grows up around it and that made for one of life's most extraordinary experiences. I'm sure I said at the time I hope you and the missus can see that yourself sometime as there's so much coolness in every part of it there's not a chance of gathering it all; you just roll with the fantasia.