Wednesday, June 21, 2017

"Stonin' with the Geriatrics" #Poetry #Vampires #Hendrix

While my body got geriatric
my head damn sure did not
and one thing well I know
is it sure does love its pot
It's the blizz which sets one free
and brings so much light
to all the wonders people miss 
in this garden of delight

There's one tiny little problem
since vampires think we're easy
when we can't go all that fast
and get all kinds of queasy
from any idea of running
when we'd rather sit around
and sure it makes us easy
as that's how we can be found

We find it kind of funny
when our blood plays to their wit
since they say they like the taste
but they don't ask what's in it
Next thing you know they're stonin'
and it really gets them lit
They start asking for Jimi Hendrix
and, hey, could I have another hit?

They say they will stop biting
and they say they've changed their ways
They didn't quite find Jesus
but they had this much to say,
"No more biting, bleeding, killing;
we'll have no more of that
We want to live in peace
and, man, I love your hat."

Then he asked me why ant lions
don't get sick when they eat fire ants
but I just passed him the joint
and he forgot about that fast
He said, "Do you like Jimi Hendrix?"
So what else should I say
but shut up and spin it
to let the brother play.

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

Watson:  throw so much science at people they go nuts when you finally write a poem?

You spotted the M.O., Detective Watson.

I really did ask Yevette yesterday why ant lions don't get sick from eating fire ants which are presumably loaded with fire juice.  I just like questions like that plus I like to observe the ant lion invasion outside when I feed the critters.  There's one trouble with the ant lion invasion observation insofar as we can't really see the ant lions, we can only see the holes they make.

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