Friday, June 23, 2017

News on a Nailhead 6/23

Healthcare is buzzin' louder than the killer cicadas of Cincinnati and it sure is some nasty business but what we're seeing is Obamacare the Savage Version.  Obamacare was driven by tax credits, right?  The current kill MEDICAID version ... da da ... is fueled by tax credits ... ding ding ding ... Obamacare the Savage is born.  It's not replacing Obamacare ... it fucking IS Obamacare.

For extra credit on this dreary item, how does Mitch McConnell's office resemble a flight with United Airlines?  Tip:  where else can you see someone in a wheelchair being forced to wear handcuffs.

Regardless of level of confidence in Donald Trump, there hasn't been any in his roly poly bugle boy, Sean Spicer, almost from the outset.  At this point the White House would probably be better off with carrier pigeons for press releases since Washington is so damn full of pigeons anyway.

Randy Bryce sits on the sidelines watching Paul Ryan hanging himself and he's the Democrat who will run against him.  While there's no evidence Paul Ryan ever worked a day in his life, Randy Bryce is an ironworker and a veteran.  If Paul Ryan isn't afraid then he ought to get that way since Our Revolution has been eating up the Establishment regardless of the high-dollar, face-planting Centrists in Georgia.  (The Guardian:  Can this progressive ironworker (and his mustache) swipe Paul Ryan's seat?)

His popularity has been fuelled by his progressive agenda – he is in favor of a single-payer healthcare system and spoke at a Sanders event during the Democratic primaries – but appears to have also been aided by his all-American appearance and luxuriant moustache.

- Guardian

We're coming for you, Paulie.

Trey Gowdy shows us what happens when even the Intel meetings suffer leaks.  Do you admit it's all a ridiculous charade or do you try to bluff it out.  You already know the answer.  (CNN:  Gowdy decries leaks out of Coats meeting with House intelligence)

Bob Murray, the CEO of Murray Mining, got majorly wanked on "Last Week Tonight" with John Oliver and Murray, Genius of the Eon, has walked right into the lawsuit Oliver was practically begging him to launch.  (CNN:  Coal CEO sues John Oliver)

The comedy is only just beginning.

If you're thinking the defense from these so-called missile shields actually works, you might want to reconsider that matter, mates.  (RT:   US Navy missile defense test fails off Hawaii)

When you have sanctions against Russia working to benefit China, you have foreign policy even Obama could love.  (RT:   China may finance Russia’s natural gas pipeline to Europe)

In the world of business, you snooze and you looze.

It looks strong that Russia really did whack the Clown Prince of the Caliphate, Dawgie al-Daddi.  (RT:  ISIS leader al-Baghdadi ‘highly likely’ eliminated – Russian Foreign Ministry)

The U.S. hasn't acknowledged it because the news may interrupt their plans to bomb wherever the hell they like for no apparent reason.

Pink sent us a really strange one since some sniper whacked someone said to be a thug by the thugs on Fox News and the shot was at a range of over two miles.  (MSN:  Report: Record 2-mile sniper shot kills ISIS militant in Iraq)

Really what that means is some guy was there to pull the trigger on a robo rifle since even an eagle probably can't differentiate images that well at such a range.  In just about any context, no-one likes snipers.

Once you get past being prickish about it, Vladimir Putin is kind of a likable fellow with high ratings for Dudeness.  He said he wanted to join the KGB after watching a movie with a Russian spy of the James Bond nature and what kid didn't have that silly ass fantasy.  (RT:  Like in books & films: Putin talks about his ‘romanticized’ job as Soviet KGB spy)

As to the CIA being the Nest of Vipers we have been describing ... well ... they're worse.  (RT:  #Vault7: CIA’s secret cyberweapon can infiltrate world’s most secure networks)

Note:  air gapping has meant putting computer data cables inside larger cables which are pressurized with gas.  Should that pressure drop, there's an instant alert the cable has been compromised.  It may mean other things by now but that was a CIA standard at one time.

Of course, there's yet more evidence of visitations by the People of the Sun.  (RT:  Mysterious 3,000 year old ‘sun altar’ discovered in northwest China)

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