Tuesday, June 27, 2017

What's Hot on the Blog 6/27


Racism - article has been getting so many reads for so long it can blow into the What's Hot list any old time

#News - sometimes it's hot and sometimes it's not but variable still isn't clear

What's Hot

Tulsi Gabbard - an eminently well-suited leader who would make a fine President

Survey - straight-up survey of the ways Americans smoke cannabis with specific Rockhouse interest regarding rolling spliffs with a mix of cannabis and tobacco.  There's no sales pitch since we don't care if you smoke or you don't but try to take care of those lungs if you please.  (One who knows)

The Age - a review of jobs must vulnerable to robos and those which are considered relatively invulnerable along with a few deathless comments on the matter from the Rockhouse.  It's not an article screeching the robos are coming to eat our babies ... minimal hysteria.

Memory - researchers try to discover what thought process truly differentiates us from animals and the article shows their results

#Photography - no more theme to it than the beauty

Greater Surgical - when robos do more precise surgery than humans, they gradate to an extraordinary level of performance and this one carries over from yesterday so it's good to see the interest

The Lesbian Tomb Raiders - because whimsy works too ... or it doesn't (larfs).  Either way, the article isn't even close to porno so sorry about that.

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