Tuesday, June 20, 2017

#Photography on the Blog 6/21 | Some Kids, Some Lids, and Some Wha???

Jammu, India

Rohingya refugee children attend a school in a temporary shelter on the outskirts of the city on Tuesday, which is World Refugee Day. Facing persecution in Myanmar, thousands of members of the country’s minority Rohingya community have crossed over to India over the past years

Photograph: Channi Anand/AP

Despite impoverishment, boys and girls come together for education on World Refugee Day.

Ascot, UK

Racegoers arriving for day one of Royal Ascot

Photograph: Brian Lawless/PA

It's the Royal Ascot and, boss, the hats ... the hats!

Taizhou, China

Women practise yoga in blooming flower fields in Jiangsu province, ahead of International Yoga Day on Wednesday

Photograph: Sipa Asia/Rex/Shutterstock

The juxtaposition of World Refugee Day and International Yoga Day already gives us a full helping of strange but do it like this in field of lavender and you've got the full monty.

Dresden, Germany

Leopold jumps into the water of the Freibad Wostra lido, where temperatures reached about 30C

Photograph: Sebastian Kahnert/AFP/Getty Images

Coincidentally, it's also Dreadful Diver Day and young Leopold really doesn't seem to have any idea of what he's doing, does he.  Trying this off what appears may have been a ten-meter board may not have been his best decision.  Good luck, Leo.

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