Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Outstanding RC F-100 Super Sabre | #Video

Before judging this video in any way, RC modelers frequently build studies of military aircraft but they're not weaponized and were never intended to be.  The sophistication of this one is extraordinary and the only time I ever tried with a model aircraft resulted in abysmal failure but I appreciate the evolution into the models of today with astounding capabilities.

The people who do this are pilots; they're not bombers.

Caution:  RC modeling can be an extremely expensive endeavor and you're likely to crack up a number of them learning how to do it.  However, if you make the cut with the Big Dawgs, maybe you will end up flying one of these.

No-one in the Rockhouse is a modeler since the extreme attention to detail likely would have meant projects would start but would get bounced off a wall before they even approached completion.  Nevertheless, I admire their strict attention to detail and you can see the result in the video.

The only operating model here at the Rockhouse is virtual in terms of the number of permitted articles per day.  Nine is now the maximum although that may go to ten if something just floors me with its coolness.  Therefore, an article about this aircraft is a big deal for Ithaka since that will be ten percent of the presentation for the day but I'm willin' because I think it's worth it even if RC modeling is not your fancy and, as above, it isn't mine; I just like to watch.

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