Wednesday, June 21, 2017

News on a Nailhead 6/21 | The Dud, the Thud, and the Mud but Not Funny

The Dud

Jon Ossoff is a Centrist Democrat (i.e. Republican) and he has just tanked in Georgia.  CNN, as usual, has it wrong but just be thankful they don't do commentaries on sporting events or their flapping tongues wound tie themselves up into soft pretzels.

The Rockhouse doesn't care that he tanked.  Good riddance and que sera sera.

The Thud

America shot down an Iranian drone aircraft and moves closer to war with Iran and a Day of Infamy which will never wash off.  This started with the CIA / Brit coup in Iran in 1953 which has led to one act of depravity toward that country after the other ever since.

The Mud

At the rate Uber replaces CEOs, they will be pulling their next from the winner of the mud wrestling contest at the Crappy Trails bar on the outskirts of town.

And a Slug

Caitlyn Jenner said regarding the shooting of Scalise that liberals can't even shoot straight.  The Rockhouse submits you will never find anyone who shoots less straight than Caitlyn Jenner who's a role model for something ... no-one would ever want to be.  That has less to do with her less than attractive appearance and more to do with her repugnant and poisonous personality.

With a Thug

Philando Castile's death was an example of cold-blooded murder.  That the police department judged him to have followed proper procedure only means the entire department should be under indictment for shared complicity.

Maybe a Bug

A child star said she has one regret.  We didn't read it because we don't give a fuck about the regrets of stars.

And then a Simple Idiot

Ross Barkan of The Guardian asks, "Where is the Democrat's bold plan?"

It's with Bernie Sanders which is precisely where it has been since The Guardian took a giant shit on it.  California has taken up the idea even though The Guardian has no apparent idea.

But, because we love you, think of fashion without the models.

Now isn't that much better?  It was about the clothes the whole time.

And one more ...

So then I sez to the dealer, "This car floats, right?"

He sez, "Oh sure.  This car floats."

But now I look and, see, this car doesn't float.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why the dash can was not allowed to be shown to the jury.
One shot and I was with the cop as he told the victim multiple times to reach in to his jacket after telling the cop he had a gun.
That all changed in shots 2 3 4 5 and 6
Not sure why cops are not using tasers when approaching cars on traffic stops.
No that makes sense it can't be the solution

Peas InOurThyme said...

The part which torques me is this is his training and the department backs him. They rarely fire one round and often unload the entire clip. I hold the training directly responsible and there's something evil which allows it in the first place.

There's a whole lot of logic which has flown out the window since, as you say, common sense doesn't seem to amount to much.