Sunday, June 18, 2017

News on a Nailhead 6/18 | A Sinker, a Tinkler, and the Fonz (a Winkler)

A U.S. Navy destroyer crashed into a merchant vessel somewhere off Japan and the destroyer lost since it has a large gash below the water line.  CNN explained how the crash happened since, after all, CNN has quite a bit of experience with sinkers.

The Captain and most of his executive staff will be managing a Captain D's Fish & Chips store near you soon.  Eat hearty, mates, and don't forget All You Can Eat fish and chips on Wednesdays.

Meanwhile, Kellyann Conway said with her characteristic humility, "If I were shot, there would be applause."

That seems unlikely, girlie girl, when you're even more trivial than Scalise and no-one has any idea what he did (Louisiana cracker gun nut in House of Reps).  There was no applause when Scalise got shot.  There was quite a bit of political polarization for the amusement of a dull crowd but there wasn't any applause.

From Germany, we have Angela Merkel (i.e. The Fonz) commenting additional sanctions on Russia made 'a peculiar move.'  That was generous of her but she has to be diplomatic about it and we don't.  It was a bloody stupid move and the Senate did it while conveniently ignoring there are four spacecraft docked at the International Space Station right now and most of them are Russian.

Without Russian support, the crew of the ISS will need to learn to eat a vacuum quickly since they will definitely run out of food and supplies.  Sanctions, schmanctions, the Senate just plays pattycake and mud pies.

Ed:  you're saying Angela Merkel is the Fonz?

In this case, she's more than qualified.  She's got a big heart and she's bad ass without getting crazy about it too much.

We also had another cop getting off on a murder trial while Bill Cosby's trial will be retried over and over until his teeth fall out and his hair is gone.  In L.A., they call that the Lohan Treatment.  Of course Gloria Allred is involved because there's money / publicity in it and it's impossible to keep that ambulance-chasing horror away from a car crash.

There's also the ghastly prediction of road wars between cars and two-wheelers by 2035.  (Treehugger:  Guardian predicts "Street Wars 2035" between cyclists and driverless cars)

How's about some of you two-wheeled kings of the road now show the li'l snowflakes some of your scars from encounters with cars in the road wars which started, oh, when the first Harley Davidson rolled out of the factory.

Note:  there's some possibly interesting study on the insistent individuation at the expense of the collective but one thing we know for sure about that ... it ain't funny and, what do you know, that segues to our last.

Stephen Colbert was scheduled for an interview but it didn't work out when he found the interviewer was Dick Cavett who wanted to know how Colbert thinks the expression, cock holster, integrates with modern political science theory.

When last seen, Colbert was dissolving in a green puddle while he sobbed, "I'm a liberal, damn it; I'm a liberal."

Here's one from the Dept of I Don't Care; I Just Like to Annoy Jeff Sessions.  (Observer:  Why Cannabis Startups Are So Economically Potent)

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