Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Game Changer, a Paradigm Shift, Evolution in Action and Ultimate Dudeness #LGBTQ

First, the terminology:

Game Changer - term the speaker read on a game card at McDonald's with a Happy Meal

Paradigm Shift - when the speaker wants to pretend he or she ever took anything but Business courses at university

Evolution in Action - when the fully-actualized individual wants to feel haughty and superior

What the Fuck - for speakers who know all of the above is just pilin' it higher and deeper

Here's a fellow who is one paradigm shift away from a pre-frontal lobotomy.  (Modesto Bee:  Man sets underwear on fire, prompts evacuation at Modesto Walgreens)

In other news, there's absolutely nothin' happenin' in Modesto ... but you knew that already.

For the Rockhouse favorite WTF today, we go to the White House.

© Nikos Giannopoulos / Facebook

RT:  ‘Visibly queer’ teacher of the year Oval Office photo with Trumps becomes instant viral hit

Cannot stop laughing.  Bro Nikos, you are definitely the Dude today.

Usually gay men can't be dudes because, well, they're gay plus they're often extremely good-looking and it's almost impossible for hot men to be dudes.  But Bro Nikos is not some Hollywood stud muffin; he looks like some guy and his sashay totally owns that table.

The Dude doesn't just abide but applauds with great vigor.

In other news, when Pastafarians crack, it isn't pretty.  (Leader Telegram: Pastafarian arrested at Blue Ox Music Festival)

Watson:  he just needs more cow bell

Right ... hanging around his silly neck to warn others.

Watson:  maybe it was the brown acid?

That one was likely crazy before it ever left the factory.

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