Saturday, May 13, 2017

What's Hot on the Blog 5/13

May 12, 2017

Remember - Ms Nicola Crosley is well on her way to writing her Lesbian orgy to Ithaka's greatest hits and let's have a round of applause for that

You Can't - previously it was Beverly Hills Hoppity Hipsters pitching the virtues of anti-vaxx but Texas is making it law and they shoot hoppity hipsters around here

They're Saying - your crumby driving is the reason electric cars are having troubles and there's one immediate advantage to self-driving cars ... they don't drink

How About - this diver gives love like they're crying to find on Twitter ... but he gives it to a tiger shark ... and they give it back

You Haven't - imagine a Volvo with active hydraulics so it can bounce up and down like a low rider champion ... yah, just try and imagine it

Demolition Man - a movie filled with such ridiculous bullshit it blazed the trail for the Marvel comic movies - the idea of a planetary stethoscope is overstated but it's an interesting device for further exploration of Europa because there's life there ... there's got to be in all that water, right?

The Rocket - NASA has got these kids inspired and they're not just going to space camp, they build rockets ... big ones

Erdogan - when you need to move Batman's giant penis, who are you going to call?

You Say - when you say 'boogie woogie,' say it Brit style with 'oo' like you say boo to a ghost ... Freddie King ain't afraid of no ghosts

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