Friday, May 5, 2017

Remember Gonzo Journalism? Nicola Crosley Does Something Else with My First Orgy

Oh, gee, look at the silly Millennials trying to be shocking by doing things the Sixties already did ... a lot.  (NY Post:  ‘I went to my first orgy and loved it’)

If you were not aware Hunter Thompson is dead by his own hand, this should give you a clue as to why.

A gorgeous brunette is slowly undressing me. I can’t remember her name, but her face is somewhere around my waist, lips kissing my stomach, her hands grabbing my hips. We’re sliding over the edge of a black leather couch as she kneels on the floor, slowly slipping my black lace negligee over my head.


This is not soft-core porno ... no way ... this is neojournalism.  When you have nothing whatever to say, throw out selfies featuring your ass or write about an ambitious sex life.

Ed:  you're saying Killing Kittens are the reason Hunter Thompson killed himself?

Nah as he would probably have found them funny; it's neojournalists like Nicola Crosley who resulted in him eating a shotgun shell.

This is my first orgy — and it seems to be going pretty well. More specifically, I’m at an exclusive sex party being held by Killing Kittens. First started in the UK by Emma Sayle (who used to hang with Kate Middleton), these high-end events are all about the ladies — men are only allowed if they’re the guest of a woman. Female empowerment is central to Killing Kittens’ approach. Anything goes at these parties, but only when women initiate. Members are put through a vetting process before being allowed into the community and everyone signs a non-disclosure agreement.


Killing Kittens‏

Note:  if you're looking for Code Pink, this isn't even a faint shadow of them.

Ed:  at least they don't have fat asses!

Well, it doesn't currently appear they have fat asses but you don't know that for sure, do yewwww.

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