Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Odd Case of Pope Francis' Stealthy Visit to Fatima

Pope Francis went to Fatima, Portugal, to canonize two out of three children involved in one of modern history's most famous religious vision.  Fatima is as important as Lourdes to Catholicism and both sites are regarded as having strong curative powers.

There's nothing odd so far unless you're Richard Dawkins and you want to hassle them just because you can.

No-one in America hassled them since there was nothing on Fox News nor CNN so this looks like another stealth papal visit, at least in America.  When America touts its religion with megaphones on every street corner, the Rockhouse submits the stealth reporting is just a wee bit odd.

It's not surprising when Fox News doesn't report on Pope Francis since he stands strongly for peace and disarmament so you know they're going to hate him for that.  Fox News even got some Catholics so lathered they're ready to throw him out as well.

Note:  don't read that as a punt of Catholicism since, like Islam, it's not a one-size-fits-all religion and Fox News only attracts the cranks.  They were talking about a schism with Rome over Pope Francis so I'm seeing committed, full-time cranks.

The really odd aspect to the stealth visit is CNN didn't apparently see it either.  CNN doesn't attract the same kind of cranks as Fox News and it doesn't attract so many since its ratings have been in the toilet ever since Jeff Zucker took over.

Ed:  maybe going to Fatima could cure him?

He might as well since nothing else has worked.

Francis looks at the crowd gathering in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fátima from the window of his helicopter. 

Photograph: L'Osservatore Romano/AP

We also have the odd contrast since coverage of Pope Francis' visit to Fatima in The Guardian was not stealthy and they did a comprehensive and professional job of reporting.  Their quality reporting is unusual, however, since hardly anyone in England is religious anymore except Islamic immigrants and the Royal Family.  (The Guardian:  Pope Francis arrives in Portugal to canonise children at Fátima shrine)

Ed:  the Royal Family?

Sure since if you had kids like the ones who came to Queen Elizabeth, wouldn't that give you cause for religion as well?

The other odd contrast comes from Russia Today since they gave us professional coverage as well.  Russia varies in perception for America where the country is seen somewhere between a secular state and a hell pit brimming with satanic demons.

Ed:  what's it all about, Alfie?

We have the historical spin with Cadillac Man in his cool ride since America has hated Catholics from the time of the Forefathers.

Ed:  evidence?

Every time a Catholic ran for President, he got assassinated (JFK and RFK).  There was no Catholic President before JFK.

Ed:  oh, great.  Let's go Alex Jones and swear allegiance to the Lord of the Flies!

I'm not Alex Jones and you know America really did whack those K boys so make of it what you will.

That history is true regarding the Forefathers so make of that whatever you will also.

Ed:  is this the Bash America's Religion Just Because It's Sunday Show?

Nah, this isn't about bashing and we'll leave that for amateurs like Richard Dawkins but y'all sing about exceptionalism all the the time and the Rockhouse submits this intolerance toward Catholics is exceptionally unusual.  Maybe it wasn't so unusual at one time but why should it continue.

Ed:  are you going to tell us?

Nope.  We're counting on your inductive reasoning coming out to shake a leg and you can tell me why it happens.

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