Saturday, May 13, 2017

'I Still Roll Fat Joints for My Friends" | Miley Cyrus

Daily Mail:   'I still roll fat joints for my friends': Miley Cyrus says she will not smoke marijuana even if her pals do... and admits she has a 'lot more energy'

The Rockhouse likes Miley Cyrus because she had the stones to be completely outrageous and even more stones to switch her vibe to something altogether different.  The Rockhouse respects that.

No toke: Miley Cyrus, 24, discussed how her life has changed since quitting marijuana in a radio interview during her visit to the SiriusXM studios in Los Angeles on Friday

Sure, sure, that's nicey nice but the story is priceless.

She recently admitted to quitting her long love affair with marijuana.

And Miley Cyrus discussed how her life has changed since the decision in a radio interview during her visit to the SiriusXM studios in Los Angeles on Friday.

'It’s very weird,' the 24-year-old singer said. 'I’ve got a lot of energy.'

- DM

Now I may be distorting my memory of being twenty-four but I had plenty of energy and I was good and wasted during that period.

The problem comes right from the top about rolling these fat joints.  You were not doing it right, Previous Stoner Girl, since the objective is not typically to wind up in a coma.

The Great God Mescalito tells us to dig the vibe, my brothers and sisters.

Ed:  become a connoisseur?

In fact, yes.  Smoke the best but only smoke a little.

But, you know, I've only been doing it for fifty years.  What do I know (larfs).

Ed:  where is the side boob, the top boob, the under boob photography?

Hey, give the kid some credit, mate.  She has no need to strike pretentious poses; the kid has made it.  She can be whatever she likes.

She's not shaking off any narcotics and, for all the outrage, she's really kind of clean cut.  Repeating, the Rockhouse likes her spirit and hopes she succeeds in whatever she does although hopefully that doesn't include going Dr Oz on the ganja.

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