Saturday, May 13, 2017

How About Love from a Tiger Shark Named Tarantino

My only thought about love from a tiger shark is about throwing Steve Bannon into a pool full of them and ask him as they eat him, "How do you like populism so far?  They really seem to like you."

There is no chance I will ever seek love from a tiger shark since I remember that cheerful and festive lesson in love from my ol' Dad when he held me out from the second floor balcony over a bloody great aquarium with fucking gigantic sharks and who knows what other beastly huge fish were in it.

Thanks for that, ol' Dad, and, noooo, I wouldn't say that traumatized my whole fucking life but I will say there's no way I'm getting down there with those tiger sharks unless my feet are encased in concrete and the Mafia threw me overboard.

This one is from Cat and she will face down a stallion when he's up on his rear legs ... but she won't do this.  Smart woman.

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