Thursday, March 16, 2017

What's Hot on the Blog 3/16 - 1


Donald Trump Becomes - his actions regarding environmental controls on automobiles are nothing more than vandalism after the progress which has been made toward clean air in America

Donald Trump Disgraces - with his reverence toward Andrew "Indian Killer" Jackson, Donald Trump disgraces himself

"Art of Life" - another spectacularly excellent performance from X Japan with a holographic appearance from hide (Hideto)

Professor - if you will eat food after dropping it on the floor, the good Professor has the words you want to hear

"New Song" - it's a good beat with excellent harmonies in the vocals

Why Should - making flight in a taxi drone even more exciting, we have independents doing it too and watching them all dodging each other will be better than Wide World of Sports

Geert Wilders - appealing to the animal in people didn't work out so well for this evil man and that must suck to hear for Marine Le Pen

Eating the TV - it doesn't seem you like TV home flippers too much either

Luxury Highway - it may not be the highest luxury but it will definitely be the highest style

Finding - cyanobacteria were the creatures producing oxygen from their respiration and were a significant part of changing Earth's atmosphere so researchers were really interested in discovering when they first started doing it but the cool part of this one is the device they used to do it since that is pure Jetsons sci fi

Update:  this one is a redo after a time error sent it back to this morning.  My time travel process may need a little more polish.

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