Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Why Should Taxi Drones Crash into Each Other

The idea of taxi drones sounds a little bit Jetsons, right until they start crashing into each other.  I suggested in an earlier article about them that competing taxi drone networks may not have compatible data and, thus, have difficulty in integrating location information for all airborne vehicles for tracking.


Ithaka: Start the Countdown Until the First Crash of a Taxi Drone Aircraft

Most fun of all are the independent cowboy drone aircraft and, oh, gee, here's one now.

This is an amazing project built by a Korean. This is not the first such construction. At the fair SEC this year (2016) we could see the drone Ehang 184, however, it is still in the construction phase.

This drone years, and he is doing a pretty good :)

Manned homemade drone

What do you think when instead of popular taxis will be flown such drones ?

- YouTube

Unclear if this really can be a competitor for the Ehang taxi drone in Dubai when there's no evidence of the control center type of approach Ehang is using.  The taxi drone is cool but check out the downforce as it's flying about.  People are seriously not going to dig that underneath.  Unless they're high enough to mitigate that, there will be cards and letters.  We shall see how well the noise will be accepted since cars smell but at least they're usually quiet.

Does it work to put transponders in these things or would there likely be so many transponders they would lose effectiveness.  Maybe it's possible to saturate those frequencies.  Unknown.

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