Thursday, March 16, 2017

Eating the TV Home Flippers | Finally Something More Irritating than Kardashians

The waiting rooms at VA will often feature television shows from some cable channel which feature home flippers who take a home, upgrade it, and flip it for big bucks in a relatively short time.  The people on these shows are always California beautiful and don't you want to be me.

As nearly as I can tell, no-one wants to be like them although roasting them might be alright and then we could use the bits for canapés.

There's risk of collateral damage to the work Lotho does but my understanding of the work he's doing is the rehab of old houses to restore value.  It's not my business to review whatever profit he makes but he's not the kind of man who takes it all instead of one bite.

Watson:  you're just going soft on your brother!

This time you've got it wrong, Watson.  I see the TV home flippers turning minimal effort into enormous profit and they cater to high rollers so they can get away with it.  We have seen real estate bubble in this way previously but the whizkids are immune, don'tcha know.

Watson:  they always are.

It hasn't even been ten years since the last time.  Unbelievable.

I see a vast difference between restoring old homes to keep neighborhoods healthy and all kinds of good reasons of that nature.  I see taking a fair profit in that as a reasonable incentive to do it.  I also see the Hollywood version of that as something entirely different and that aspect I find abhorrent.

So we can eat the home flippers while we go back to watching whatever the hell the Kardashians do and think of the glow from that electronic joy, huh?

There's a slang term from America's past which is mildly-negative in referring to people as 'house proud' and it imparts the feeling those ones maybe spend too much time on their homes.  Are they trying to 'put on airs' or some such.

Being 'house proud' today has become another aspect of status quo but the more significant aspect is behind it as to why.  The money consciousness is obvious in wearing their wealth in every possible way but, beyond that, a house wouldn't mean all that much if they weren't much more withdrawn than those in previous generations.

In my life, a house has never meant much.  It's just a place from where I can go to do the things I want to do.  The house was never by itself the thing I wanted to do although there were sometimes requirements from the house which needed to be done before I could do the things I wanted to do.

Those priorities have shifted quite a bit and the Silas Hare-Brained Theory is people are steadily withdrawing and that may be a large part of the shocking increases in narcissism.  They don't engage with other people as much as we did.  Actually, that's not even a theory; it's just a hypothesis.  Nevertheless, I'm going with it.


Anonymous said...

The real estate bubble was?caused by non existent qualifications for loans. I lost houses to unqualified low income buyers because they were HUD homes. These buyers could borrow 125% of the home value with no money down.
I dont buy houses in old neighborhoods to uplift the area. I am also not into gentrification. I buy houses in ok areas rehab them not restore them. Then rent them out at fair market rent. I dont worry about any bubbles as I pay cash for houses.
Houses are meant as a place to withdraw and relax when you don't want to go adventuring.

Peas InOurThyme said...

I didn't think you were a one-man Peace Corps but what you do sounds like what I had thought in terms of keeping houses in ok neighborhoods up to scratch and that will inevitably help keep a neighborhood healthy. The rent sounds like what I had thought also with a general philosophy of 'give a man a fair deal and you will have no shortage of business.'

My house perspective may be different since the house was always where the computer hides so withdrawal from anything was impossible. For quite some time, everywhere I went there was a computer ... and all of them needed support of some kind. The software is so easy now that (sob) no-one needs my help anymore and ain't that a tragedy (larfs).

Anonymous said...

It was your choice to constantly work at home.
Mine is a retreat used to escape the stress and troubles of the real world.
If you bring your work home it can not be that retreat just another office.
My house does have an office in it which sounds contradictory. But since it is compartmentalized and limited to use during normal business hours is not an interference with the relaxation effects of the rest of the house.
We try to bring back cool features of our adventures and add them to our house.
Your Hollywood examples are just that Hollywood. Flipping is very much different than what I do. Flipping has?big paychecks but with that comes the stress and pressure of the deals. I have no desire for that. I add 1 or 2 houses a year average time between purchased and 1st tenant about 2 months.
And I am not altruistic in my drive purely capitalistic. I continue doing this only because of my desire to leave my kids and grandkids the choice to work at what they love and not what pays the bills.
Oh yeah because of some silly guilt because my wife is much younger and still wants to work so I have a hard time just smelling roses.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Understood. Nevertheless, that was evolution in those days and that's how it shook out for me. All of that was new back then and people have more experience with it now.

I have nothing negative to say about the way you do it and don't believe I ever had. My approach was just different and there has always been a measure of resentment toward the guitar because it held me down with all the kit which went with it. The attitudes are different and no idea why, tho.

I do see your work and of course you make a fair profit but there's no harm in any of this and I've heard some tinges of altruism in it anyway. It's similar with Ithaka as there are no roses here anyway plus I enjoy writing and it's work (to a point).

If I feel like I'm delivering something then I'm valid and otherwise I'm a wastrel. It seems you have that as well. It's a curse (larfs).