Thursday, March 16, 2017

Donald Trump Becomes Identified as an Environmental Vandal More than Anything Else

There are few moves Donald Trump could have made as President which are more overtly destructive to the American environment than destroying the protections which were created to prevent such problems.  One of those protections was the requirement for mileage standards in cars but Trump says that's wasteful and prevents progress.  (New York Times:  Trump Announces Challenge to Obama-Era Fuel Standards)

Cities without the protections of environmental regulation in America are Mexico City and Beijing, the most polluted cities in the world with air that's physically dangerous to breathe.  That's the 'after' image which Donald Trump thinks is worthwhile to America or at least the manufacturing elite.

The air over Los Angeles has been improving since the start of the EPA campaign in the Seventies and now Donald Trump thinks he knows better.  Moreover, he apparently thinks the people of Mexico City and Beijing know better and wants to do it their way to the same low standards.

Trump was also in Motor City recently and telling the people the boom times will return again in manufacturing gas-fueled vehicles but that's only more evidence he never read anything from this century and probably not from much of the last.  Every significant automobile vendor in the world is working on electric autonomous vehicles but the lead is being taken by those who are nowhere near the top (e.g. Tesla, etc).

Trump's Pied Piper politics are a good way to get the rats out of Hamelin; regrettably, the same phenomenon attracts swarms of them to Washington.

Thus far, we have seen nothing from Donald Trump which even resembled insight as just about every action he has taken has been regressive, destructive, or cowardly insofar as he took no position on abortion and simply threw it out to the states so a debate which has been eating America's liver for the last sixty years won't ever fucking stop.

Trump is rapidly converting America into the Free States and the Republican States and there are few reasons any woman would ever stay in any of the Republican States willingly after what Trump has done.  The Fed was the only protection a woman had against second-rate governors such as Mike Pence who had no greater ambition than destruction of abortion rights and ensuring his hair always looks just right.  Vanity and lack of imagination ... perfect traits in a leader.

The thing many don't seem to understand is your vote isn't something Republicans want but rather something they tolerate.  The only thing they want from you is your money and how they get it is irrelevant.  As has been emphasized many, many times by them, the only responsibility for a corporation is to make money and there is no obligation nor corporate responsibility beyond that.

That sort of thinking elicits behavior such as that from Volkswagen in which they falsified the emissions reports from their vehicles and were deliberately selling cars they knew were in direct violation of American air standards.  That outfit hasn't been the only one doing it and the only outfits truly working on air standards are the ones making electric cars.

America has traditionally had the highest standards for clean air in the world and proof of that is many European vehicles were illegal in California due to excessive emissions.

Donald Trump isn't so much a President as a kid with a can of spray paint who wants to write graffiti but his spelling isn't good enough due to lack of education so he just paints big red splotches on things and breaks the windows others built.

He also touted how he saved twelve billion in his first month but we have not heard anything from him about the $6.6 billion he wants in the budget for the wall which is really just another Texas land grab.  The state is using eminent domain to take land for the wall in the same way it got Mexico in the first place:  after the Alamo, America just took it.

It was obviously a lie from the top about Mexico paying for the wall since there's nothing new about it and George Bush the Lesser failed trying to do exactly the same thing, most likely from the same problem of trying to take the land from Americans to do it.

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