Thursday, March 16, 2017

"Art of Life" Live at Tokyo Dome 2008 | X Japan | w/hide via Hologram

"Art of Life" is one I can only play when the Lady of the House is elsewhere since she is not precisely a fan of X Japan.  As the song proceeds, you may notice a hologram and that's hide (Hideto Matsumoto) who had died by suicide ten years earlier.  Hence, the Art of Life.  (WIKI:  hide (musician))

My viewpoint in America was clouded so much by Metallica that I stopped listening since I considered the band most of a waste of time and music had taken on a useless aggression which I found a large part of offensive.  I wasn't aware of X Japan until long after that time but an immense fascination has built since then and the impression of Metallica remains about the same.

hide performing with X Japan in 1997 - Photographer unknown

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