Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Geert Wilders, One of World's Worst Racists, Gets Ass Kicked in The Netherlands

There were many indications Geert Wilders had a chance in today's Dutch election but he got his ass kicked and free people rejoice.  (The Australian:  Geert Wilders trails triumphant Dutch PM Mark Rutte)

Wilders hates Moroccans the way the White House hates Mexicans but he's more comprehensive about it and hates all of them, likely multiple others as well.  He is one of Europe's most evil racists along with Marine Le Pen in France and Theresa May and Nigel Farage in England.  The ubiquitously provincial thinking of these Separatists is the same type of weevil mentality we see in those who seek to undermine the Republic in the United States.

The confirmation on throwing him out is his hair.

Looks like he auditions and fails for "Teen Beat" magazine.

Ed:  is there such a magazine?

No idea but he wouldn't make the cut anyway.

Good riddance to that smug bastard.  He won't be missed.

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