Thursday, March 16, 2017

Nikki Haley Competes with John McCain in Sophomoric Absurdity

Nikki Haley, the new Washington envoy to the UN, gave her first interview in the role, backing President Trump’s travel ban and suggesting that Russia should never be trusted.  (RT:  ‘Never trust Russia’ comment exposes US complexes – Moscow)

It's not clear as to the thing she does not trust.  Is it Putin, all of Russia, every Russian, and how about Pussy Riot?  Does she mistrust them as well.  Where is the guidance so we're clear who cannot be trusted.

"Take it seriously. We cannot trust Russia. We should never trust Russia," she told NBC News' Matt Lauer.

- RT

Nope, there won't be any guidance.  We just need to take it seriously ... whatever it is.

Driven to share her genius, she has another observation.

"He [President Trump] is saying, let's temporarily pause, and you prove to me that the vetting is okay, that I can trust these people coming through for the American people. Every American citizen should appreciate the fact that we've gotten so far away from vetting that we need to get back into it," Haley said.

- RT

America does the most extensive vetting of immigrants of anywhere else in the world ... but it doesn't stretch people yet.  There are great devices for doing this quickly and there are some still available from previous times so we could start immediately.  Just rack up that would-be immigrant and stretch him a little bit.  That will vet some sinners right quick.

There's great irony in the Roman Empire since they were behind the death of Jesus but the death of Rome led to the empowerment of the Catholic Church.  That subsequently led to the invention of the rack for the Inquisition so we can benefit from that fortuitous discovery today and start stretching infidels using this time-honored technique.

We want vetting which works and this process either delivers a vetted immigrant or kills him so the quality of the result is undeniable.

Ed:  that process will destroy his back!

His stooped back will be the sign of his integrity and he should hobble proudly.  Verily, so must it be.

That bloody rubbish monkeys insult us daily with sophomoric swill of no value in any adult discourse.  They spend staggering amounts of money on pointless gamesmanship and accomplish nothing whatever; they just keep buying more expensive weapons for it.

Because ...

"Take it seriously. We cannot trust Russia. We should never trust Russia," she told NBC News' Matt Lauer.

In a parallel effort toward sublime absurdity, there's a Boycott Hawaii effort happening on Twitter due to displeasure regarding the judge who ruled against Trump's travel ban.  Someone commented, "Hawaii really will be Paradise if no deplorables will go there."

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