Thursday, March 16, 2017

Donald Trump Disgraces the Oval Office Bringing Andrew Jackson, Indian Killer, into It

Andrew Jackson brought us the Cherokee Trail of Tears and countless other despicable acts of genocide inflicted upon American Indians.  Jackson's face has been disgracing America internationally on twenty-dollar bills for years but he will be replaced by a real human, Harriet Tubman, before too much longer.  (CNN:  Obama tried to take Andrew Jackson off the $20. Now Trump is visiting his grave.)

On his fifth day in office, President Donald Trump elevated a portrait of his distant predecessor to a place in the Oval Office.  On Wednesday, Trump flies south to Nashville, Tennessee, where he will visit the Hermitage, Jackson's home, and lay a wreath at his tomb.


This isn't political but rather an insult to humanity or moralistic vandalism.  That he has done this after running the Sioux off their land yet again in the modern time at Standing Rock, puts this into the category of human outrage few others ever reach.

Trump's contemptible idolatry of Andrew Jackson brings back all of the worst attributes of America in the Manifest Destiny, the document the Rockhouse believes has been cursing this country's behavior ever since it was written insofar as it gives America the right to do whatever it wants, take whatever it likes, and kill whomever it pleases.  That went global with the CIA and, what do you know, here we are killing people all over the place again.  They're ragheads; they don't matter.

Right about that time, someone starts yowling about hating America but the point is hating the things they refuse to fix and the Manifest Destiny can't be fixed but it can be specifically rejected.  It is possible for the American President to stand up and recognize, yeah, that was really fucked up what we did.  There's likely no way to repair that damage but never again will we do anything to make it any worse.

Perhaps that was been said and I never heard it but the events at Standing Rock show it's not true.

There are many good things about America but the Doctrine of Manifest Destiny is specifically not one of them; it may well be the worst thing.

Damn you, Donald Trump, for revitalizing that initiative and the embodiment of it in Andrew Jackson who is quite possibly the single worst representative America could ever offer the world insofar as he is absolutely disingenuous in his presentation which is cultured and refined to the elite but vicious and murderous to achieve whatever he wants.

America was a violent country in those times since it wanted the State of Texas so it just took it from Mexico.  It's violent internally today but not like that and there's no justification whatever for continued support of the Doctrine which authorized such despicable things in those times regardless of whether they yield corny lyrics for school kids about sea to shining sea.  That line leaves out the puddles of Indian blood in-between Andrew Jackson left behind and which won't wash off.


Anonymous said...

He had a private tour of The Hermitage yesterday. He laid a wreath at Jacksons grave
He also shut down two major interstates in Nashville during rush hour. Bet commuters loved that

Peas InOurThyme said...

When his willfulness is even annoying the people who supported him, he needs someone on his cadre to bring some reality real quick (i.e. cold shower).

Cadillac Man said...

Andrew Jackson was a populist president like Donald Trump. Jackson's populist programs left out many of the neediest (i.e.:American Indians) while supporting increased militarization. Trump's recent budget seems similarly directed. It increases defense spending by 54 billion. There will be steep cuts to education, health, public welfare and environmental programs to pay for this. Many of these cuts will effect those who voted for him expecting help. For example, a program to retrain out of work seniors will be cut entirely. An environmental program will have its budget cut by 400 million. Public education funds will be cut in order to push private schools. On the positive side, there is increased funding for opiate addition. Since Congress will have to approve this budget, we'll see if it will be more popular with his own party than the health care and immigration proposals presented. More and more it seems this administration is 'Much Ado about Nothing', at least for those who need and were promised so much.

Anonymous said...

He is an arrogant billionaire. There is no one to tell him about reality. He always surrounds himself with yes men. He is just starved for attention. Just look at the rallies he still sets up and pays for out of pocket

Peas InOurThyme said...

Cadillac Man: Trump has slashed the science budget and doing that while boosting the military budget is just about as short-sighted as he could get. That implies the only science dollars will be going to DARPA which would be one more outrage. More and more I don't see him as anything better than a vandal.

Anon: the arrogance for me is seeing him going to Jackson's tomb when he knows or should know there were few things he could do which would be more offensive to so many people. I don't think I recall a President doing such a thing previously in being deliberately offensive.

Peas InOurThyme said...

The observation about the things Trump does to boost his own ego look like an accurate estimation of him.

Anonymous said...

I dont see a shift from public to private education is a negative.
Fairy Princess was taken out of an awesome private school to attend a public school. It will be next year at least before they catch up to her.
Trying to motivate her to stay ahead is increasingly more difficult
It should be a smooth transition or designate more "gifted" publuc schools and cherry pick the smart kids to move them through the system.
Or we can keep importing brains from overseas. I enjoy those brains coming in as they usually have very interesting lives but we need to stay even with the world

Peas InOurThyme said...

It may not be but the management of any system, public or private, is the primary variable on its success. The part which is not understood is if all education is turned over to private sources as I'm deeply suspicious of whether it results in education for all as it goes in the country's original promise. I'm not ignoring what happens in TN but I don't see it as conclusive at this time. However, if it really does work then I want to use it everywhere. That's not the public school model if the state mandates this method or that but there are always compromises.

My problem with public ed in general is the TX model is worthless but the TN model appears to be trying progressive approaches to private attention. That kind of inconsistency leaves children screwed and hence the suspicion.