Friday, July 14, 2017

The Ones Doing the Most Damage to Cops ... Are Other Cops #News #America #Crime

In Los Angeles there's a list of three hundred dirty cops (i.e. ones who have lied, been overly violent, etc) but that list of names is classified.

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The names of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies who’ve lied, stolen, used excessive force or falsified reports cannot be handed over to prosecutors, even in pending criminal cases, a California appeals court ruled.

The decision was made by the state’s 2nd District Court of Appeals on Tuesday.

“Notifying an outside agency, even a prosecutor’s office, that a deputy has an administratively founded allegation of misconduct involving moral turpitude cannot be characterized as anything other than disclosing information obtained from the peace officer’s personnel file,” Appellate Judge Douglas Sortino wrote in the 65-page opinion.

Judge Tricia Bigelow concurred in the decision.

RT:   List of ‘dirty’ Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies to remain secret

The reaction from the police union was ridiculously short-sighted.

The ruling is the latest round in a fight over a secret list of 300 Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies with histories of misconduct.

“It’s a victory for cops everywhere,” Elizabeth Gibbons, an attorney for the Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS), the union that represents rank-and-file deputies, told the Los Angeles Times.

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The targeted group represents about 3 percent of the department’s roughly 9,100 deputies.

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The three hundred dirty cops the union is sheltering increase the danger for the 8,800 cops who are not dirty since, as citizens, we don't know which ones are dirty so we assume, for our own self-protection, all of them are.  I'm afraid to go out at night and it's not because of bad guys; it's because of cops.

The brutality of a small number of cops has been publicized extensively and the consequence for us is we anticipate all cops are that way.  Often there's a response of the media is the problem for publicizing it and what a marvel in frivolous flummery when they can blow right past the originating brutality to make such a conclusion.

We are sick to fucking death of silly ass memes which do nothing whatsoever.  We want the three percent of dirty cops, at a minimum, summarily dismissed to improve the quality of the force and vastly improve their public relations.  People are less likely to buy guns if we're not afraid and right now, particularly in poor neighborhoods, people are terrified of cops.  That was a self-inflicted wound, Dick Tracy.  Fix that.

After dismissal, a dirty cop should never be permitted to work on a police force anywhere.  As happens now when they get fired they just hook up with another police force somewhere else and keep up their evil ways.  When teachers are identified as dirty due to moral turpitude, they are banned from teaching ever again.  Why does that not happen with cops.  Fucking demand it.


Cadillac Man said...

I agree. Police brutality will cease when we the people no longer tolerate it. As a student of history, it seems that the people regardless of time or country are easily lulled into acceptance of these abuses. The payoffs start at the top and trickle down to the masses as needed. We have seen some major steps forward in the U.S. in my lifetime.
There was a time when police brutality existed but was not talked about seen on mass media. The first time I remember was when mass media televised the brutal treatment of civil rights protesters in the 60's. People of all races and geography were horrified by the video of the brutal Bull Conner, He directed attack dogs and fire hoses be turned on children and students demonstrating against racial inequality in Birmingham, Alabama. This was followed by video of the Ohio National Guard, authorized by governor James Rhodes, firing at unarmed Vietnam War student protestors. This resulted in the murder of 4 innocent students during a campus protest at Kent State. These incidents resulted in a turning point when the American people rose up against the use of police against their citizens. Today we see video of young black men being murdered at traffic stops and for minor misdemeanors. It is yet to be determined what will be the Birmingham Alabama or Kent State that will stop such actions by a small number of police today.

Then as now, to blame all the people we depend upon to protect us as you say is totally unfair. Soldiers sent to war can become the victims of the systemic hatred that permeates throughout the society that sent them, just as are the police. As you state, 97% of the police, perform well while doing a very difficult job for their entire career. The same goes for the politicians, civic, religious and business leaders. The problem throughout history is that too often only a bandaid is put on a systemic problem that starts at the highest levels amoung the abusers. It takes the power of the people which does exist in this country to make a change.

We live in a country that has the basic tenet that the government serves the people. True the idea that any government based on the idea that all citizens have a basic right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness remains a dream. However, our government does give power to the people if they are willing to seize it. The founders of this country revolted against Britain to insure the right of citizens to demand government serve the people. This requires however that the people make those demands very loud and clear to those that are supposed to serve all of them. POWER TO THE PEOPLE. UH!

Peas InOurThyme said...

I thought at first there might be a bouncing coming from this article but then I thought why should there be. If we get rid of the bad apples as we do with anything else then we end up with a better police force with better protection for the people and more respect / trust for the cops who do it.

One of the standards came from Jefferson that liberty is when the government is afraid of the people and tyranny is when the people are afraid of the government. Just now the people are terrified of the US government and it will pass in time but it's not there yet, not be a long shot.

All power to the people goes back to the first May Day, you damn socialist (larfs). Uh, Uh, Uh!