Friday, July 14, 2017

The Devilishly Clever Plan of the Rockhouse to Take Over the Earth from the Moon #Science #SciFi

There was a recent announcement of a United States Space Force which will be a military unit in space much like those from "Starship Troopers" and they will protect the security of American interests by killing the Arachnids (i.e. spiders) from Klendathu or some.  However, VP Mike Pence, champion of the Space Force program, doesn't have the brain of his well-trimmed hair follicles and he wants the Space Force on Mars.

Here at the Rockhouse, we see that news but it doesn't change anything since our devilishly clever plan has nothing to do with Mars and we will own the Earth while he's sitting about on Mars pleasuring himself to the tune of whatever lad's mags he is able to cadge.

Tip:  "Golf Digest" really turns him on.

While Mike Pence is playing Captain Cook on Mars, we will be going to the Moon, as will the Russians, the Chinese, Google, and Moon Express plus likely others.

Ed:  Moon Express?

Yah, they're in it too and credibly since they're partnered with NASA.  (  Moon Express reveals plans for private exploration of the moon)

The Moon is the New Age Antarctica and you've got to be there to be happenin'.

Our devilishly clever plan is based on the fact Earth is at the bottom of a gravity well.  That means Earth needs the equivalent of a Saturn V booster to lift anything big enough to be any threat to the Moon.  However, the Moon is near the top of the gravity well so the Moon can rain hell down on Earth and it only needs the astronautical equivalent of a slingshot to do it.  Even better, the Lunarites don't need any complex kit for astrogation since anything they launch remotely in the direction of Earth will inevitably be captured in the gravity well and will fall on it somewhere.

Ed:  throwing rocks from the Moon isn't much of a threat!

Oh really.  You may not be considering how fast the rock is moving nor are you considering the size of the rock.  The last time a large-scale rock hit the Earth, it wiped out all the dinosaurs and the Moon has a lotta, lotta rocks.

Ed:  the Moon may be low-grav but that gigantic rock still has mass and it still has to be moved.

All true but all we need on the Moon is a cheap booster to get it partway there and gravity will do the rest.

Enjoy that "Golf Digest," Mikey, but by the time you get back to Earth there won't be anything left living on it except frogs.

Note:  idea generally stolen from a number of sci fi short stories but there isn't one in particular coming to mind.

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