Thursday, July 13, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 7/14

For conservative Christians in a scandal, always look first to TLC where there's been one after the other.  (RawStory:  Conservative Christian reality TV star Toby Willis gets 40 years in prison after pleading guilty to child rape)

When you want political comedy, check out Kid Rock, Chelsea Clinton, Ivanka Trump and The Rock running for the Senate in 2018.  It will be hilarious.  (RT:   Kid Rock confirms interest in 2018 Senate run)

How about a package deal to blow up North and South Kore at once.  (RT:   Trump wants to renegotiate 'horrible' trade deal with South Korea)

CIA can read and redirect your Android text messages and, oh, my, look at that one.  (RT:  CIA can intercept & redirect SMS on Android, according to 'Highrise' document)

It's news that US exports a whole lot of gas?  (The Guardian:  US 'will become one of the world's top gas exporters by 2020')

Includes the Sotheby's guarantee of Dust Authenticity.  (  Moon dust collected by Neil Armstrong to be sold at auction)

Note:  expected sale price is two to four million.

Dirty cops make up three percent but can and do make all the other cops look as bad as they.  (RT:   List of ‘dirty’ Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies to remain secret)

Note:  this wasn't a victory for the union but a loss.

Juno found Mordor.  (Science Daily:  NASA's Juno Spacecraft Spots Jupiter's Great Red Spot)

Riddle me this: how did it get there.  (BBC:  Enigma I: '€100 typewriter' found to be German code machine)

Note:  the Enigma on both sides was one of the deepest secrets of WWII.

If you think you have heard the most ridiculous thing PETA ever did ... well ... you haven't.  (ABC: No monkeying around: Court weighs if animal owns its selfies)

Easily one of the most cynical, environment-destroying things the US has ever done.  (RT:   After 40yr oil export ban, US looks to top global market – report)

Note:  Trump, Clinton, and Obama endorsed fracking wholeheartedly.

Flipping homes is easy; sending them down a cliff needs the "A" team.  (Curbed San Francisco:  Lafayette home teetering on edge of cliff asks $850K)

How I remember now, you sexy little minx.  (City Pages:  Wisconsin Craigslist ad seeks photographer for wedding, wedding night sex)


Anonymous said...

Happy Bastille Day is surely a Rockhouse type of holiday

Peas InOurThyme said...

Not so much lately since a whole lot of people want to storm the local Bastille but for the most part they're slackwitted dolts and they only do it so they can replace the King with another one. Queens are better than Kings or some some damn thing is the logic. I just know one thing; I ain't goin'.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Happy Bastille Day, tho (larfs)