Sunday, July 9, 2017

Meccano Super Construction Set w/Electric Motor #Toys #Americana

The Meccano Super Construction Set is the modern incarnation of the Gilbert Toys Erector Set which goes back to about 1911.  You can get one of these on Amazon for $99.99.  (Amazon:   Meccano - Super Construction Set)

The Erector Set may be seen as some kind of kitschy Americana but these toys were supreme coolness for kids in the 60s and, remarkably, they're still available a bit more than a century after the toy was invented.  That 6V electric motor made it the best of all for the different types of Erector Sets since this one could be powered.  (WIKI:  Erector Set)

Note: there's no kickback from Amazon for the plug; the Rockhouse just digs these things.

We could go for the editorial that 60s kids were more resourceful than the cellphone kids of today but that pitch won't work so well when the toys are still being manufactured and sold today.  Maybe it's just Boomers going through a second or tenth childhood and I did see some of that but mostly it looked like modern fathers have been buying them to inspire kids ... which is the reason fathers traditionally bought them.

Maybe it was later in the 60s or 70s when some marketing smart ass came out with G.I. Joe dolls and those finished it for boys at Christmas time since wtf good is a doll but not everyone rolled over for that thinking and we know that since the Erector Set still lives.

Femmewig:  your attitude is because your father was a sexist pig who harbored ancient macho attitudes and ...

I tell you what, Femmewig, you're right he was macho as fuck but he also had me racing on go-kart tracks at the age some boys were playing with their G.I. Joe dolls and, oh, God, how I hate him for that (larfs).

However, I asked my ol' Mother what about that guy and I asked when she was quite old.  She said it was that he would do anything for her.


Anonymous said...

So watch this video--it's very pretty to watch-ML

Peas InOurThyme said...

I loved the inventiveness as much as the effect!