Friday, March 17, 2017

What's Hot on the Blog 3/17


Big Pharma - FDA rejects Opana due to the speed it's taken up for abuse but Endo tries to blow past that

Whether - considering whether the current retread of the Fifties will be worse than the last time but the beauty part is we can use the same banners which said 'know your enemy' about Russians and why not when they reuse everything else from that blighted period

The Relationship - about the role empathy plays with workplace heroes who come to work sick and likely extend the period of infectious disease outbreaks

"Hidden Figures" - I'm already hooked on it and the story is heavy Hollywood but there's the beautiful tale within it

"Why Don't ..." - the legend continues in Jimmy Buffett for the all-important question of  the age

You're Just - Texas wants to debate about evolution and admires their cleverness but there's still no debate and they're still idiots who can push their human / dinosaur park somewhere else

NASA - Annie Easley was one of NASA's hidden figures and she wasn't featured in the movie but she has wizard skills in maths and she was with NASA in 1955.

Network Filters - it seemed logical that blocking web sites or whatever these things do should be adequate to cordon off questionable places from one's progeny but the research shows it doesn't do much

Nikki Haley - more of the generic anti-Russian spew emanating from every GOP drone and with the level of literacy far below one expects from a high-level diplomat ... subtle like a Dodge Ram truck.

Exceptional - fascinating survey review of the Dark Ages and it filled multiple gaps in my own knowledge about the way people moved about Europe and how things rose / fell - five stars

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