Friday, March 17, 2017

You're Just in Time for Some More Fake Evolutionary Theory from Texas

"Teach the debate," they cry.  It's the rational way ... well ... that last is not something they said and of course they wouldn't because there isn't any fucking debate and hasn't been since that was over decades ago with the Catholic Church, one of the few religions on the planet which actually accepts and understands science.  In the main, the others are disingenuous, time-wasting crap insofar as they promulgate false information.  (RT:  ’Teach the controversy’: States introduce bills to teach evolution as debatable theory)

Ed:  false in your opinion!

There's no opinion to it when the vast preponderance of the scientific community has held this position since long before Mummy taught you how to hold a toothbrush.

Whoops, it doesn't look like Mummy did teach you to hold a toothbrush, did she.  Does that hurt?

As some of you may know the Creationist type people believe humans and dinosaurs were co-resident on the Earth at the same time and this type of non-scientific rubbish is precisely the danger of these people.  It's funny in that idiotic amusement park but it's not funny at all when they bring it to a high school; it would be no amusing than bringing Goofy from Disneyland to teach Physics.

Ed:  Goofy might be kind of a kick to see if he could do it!

Yep, you're right.  I would probably go too.

Texas is the eighth state this year to introduce legislation that would protect teachers who present science, including evolution, as a debatable theory. Critics contend these bills are a way to open the door to religion in the classroom.

The Lone Star State joins Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Oklahoma and South Dakota as states that have proposed so-called academic freedom or “teach the controversy” bills, which allow public school teachers to include “opposing points of view or beliefs” when teaching scientific topics like global warming, evolution and the origins of life.

Louisiana (2008) and Tennessee (2012) have both passed laws that allow teachers to introduce religious materials in science classes as supplementary texts. When Louisiana’s school board voted to update its science standards on March 7, the revisions passed only after the inclusion of language reminding teachers about the 2008 law, AP reported. The revised standards are set to go into effect for the 2018-2019 academic year.

- RT

This is bullshit since it's no more than a sucker play to bring the Bible into the classroom and see above about time-wasting crap.  If you bring the Bible then you have to bring all the religious treatises and that will never happen in America.  The rest of the world moved past this ages ago but America never can and it's got nothing to do with evolution any more than anyone really cares about abortion enough to adopt an orphan baby; it's all about ramming the Bible down the throats of those who do not want it.

Ed:  they need to know the Bible!

We do know the Bible, asshole,  In many cases, we know it better than you.  Sit your Oklahoma ass down.

Now look what you did.  You're sitting in an oil spill from the fracking.  God must really love you.  That's why he sends the earthquakes, huh?

There are no book burners at the Rockhouse; this is not "Fahrenheit 451."  There is neither intention nor desire to burn anyone's Bible and projection of that perception onto me or anyone like me is just more specious logic toward subverting the law of separation from the state.  It's been important to me to learn about the Bible but specifically not from anyone who will present it in any biased way ... so I did that ... far away from a high school.

This has nothing to do with whatever I do or do not believe but I definitely don't believe in tearing down any churches although I do wish their congregants would behave a little (i.e. a lot) better toward others (e.g. the current wave of assaults against synagogues which they try to blame on Muslims but which likely have little or nothing to do with them).

The only place you will find academic freedom is at university or at least at good ones and that's where there is no constraint on the teachers and you can teach Flat Earth all you like if you can find any backing for it.  You won't but otherwise you could pop right into the curriculum.  When you can't get your stuff into a curriculum which will accept basket weaving, it may just be time to reevaluate your intellectual positions just a wee bit.

Ed:  we can get it into high school!

High school is a state abomination and education doesn't start until after that when the state can't interfere.   The question is how much damage the state can do prior to that time and, as we see in the states engaged in the current offensive, the damage is a lot.

Ed:  all this is because people at universities are left wing liberals!

Rather than telling people in university what they believe, sign up for one and find out how it really goes.  Besides, insofar as many supported Clinton, I can tell you emphatically they're not left wing liberals.  We do not throw nukes nor do we threaten it.  That threat has cost America half a trillion a year since the Sixties and Clinton was right there doing the dance.  She's no liberal, not even close.

Ed:  she never knew the Bible!

She never knew much of anything except grifting for money as far as I can tell.

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